Best Kids' Sand and Water Tables in Australia for 2019

From top-end unicorn tables to budget options, you're spoiled for choice
Best Kids' Sand and Water Tables in Australia for 2019

On the hunt for a fabulous kids' sand and water table in Australia?

You're in the right place!

Given Australia's climate, water tables get loads of use all year, and they're a brilliant way for Aussie kids to dive into sensory play. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to choose one.

Our handy guide below should help point you towards the right product based on the features you're looking for, your budget and your outdoor space.

Sand and Water Tables On Sale Now:

Both Catch and the Myer Marketplace have some cracking offers on Sand and Water tables right now, and you stand to save up to $87 off some of the hottest styles for 2019, including the coveted Step2 numbers.

Best Sand and Water Tables For 2019

Wooden Sand and Water Tables

This popular Wooden Sand and Water Picnic Table ($124.46) functions as both a play table and regular table. All you need to do is lift the lid from the table and you've got separate water and sand areas for hours of play.


The Plum Play Sandy Bay Sand and Water Table ($132.95) is actually a set of nesting play tables. Slide one under the other when not in use, or have them both in play at once. This is a great option for people with minimal outdoor space.

Best Kids' Sand and Water Tables in Australia (2019 Update)

For a very compact wooden option the Plum Build & Splash Wooden Sand and Water Table ($79.15) is brilliant. It can be used as either a sand table or a water table - or both! This is also a convenient option for people will little outdoor space.

Best Kids' Sand and Water Tables in Australia (2019 Update)

Sand and Water Table With Umbrella

Thee Sand and Water Table with Umbrella ($65) from eBay offers sensational value. It has 26 accessories (including a train) AND plenty of sun protection for the kids, so it's a great option for areas of full sun.

Pirate Ship Sand and Water Table

Water and pirates go hand in hand, and we all know that when the pirate phase kicks in (which it inevitably will), kids cannot get enough of them! At Catch you'll find the very affordable Pirate Ship Sand and Water Table ($39.95) with a water wheel, loads of free space for play, and 20 pieces. It measures around 60 centimetres in length.


Cheap Sand and Water Tables

The Kmart Sand and Water Table ($25) is one of the best value options around. It includes buckets, accessories and tools, and it's perfectly sized for tots at 61 x 41 centimetres.

The Best Kids' Sand and Water Tables in Australia (2018 update)

The Kids' Sand and Water Table Play Set ($44.95) at Catch includes three working water wheels! This table has two large, separate play zones for water and sand and comes with 23 accessories that kids will plenty of use out of.


The Sand and Water Activity Play Table Set ($55) includes a chair, which very few other sand and water tables do. Features include a bridge, turrets, tunnels and a large working water wheel, so this one is definitely going to appeal to the lovers of fairy tales! The play table also has a lid, so it can be used as a regular table as well!


Step2 Sand and Water Tables

Step2 makes some of the most popular and fun sand and water tables around, so it definitely deserves its own mention here.

For dinosaur fanatics, sand and water tables don't get much cooler than the Dino Dig Table ($239) This enormous set is new for 2019, and includes double-sided play, a volcano, dinosaur play figures and heaps of room for sand.

Best Kids' Sand and Water Tables in Australia (2019 Update)

Equally as WOW is the 2019 Showers & Unicorns Water Table by Step 2 ($239), and it even comes with three figurines for kids to play out endless magical, watery adventures. This table has a unique waterfall function on the top tier, and is the perfect table for kids who love the mystical word of unicorns.

Best Kids' Sand and Water Tables in Australia (2019 Update)

Common Questions:

What is a Sand and Water Table?

Most of the sand and water tables in Australia are either wooden or plastic, and are designed to hold both sand and water (or sometimes just water) for lots of fun, sensory activities.

Some come with toys, spinners, fountains and other accessories for kids to tinker with; others are more basic in their approach, encouraging pure imaginative play.

At what age do kids start playing with sand and water tables?

Most tables are recommended for use from around 18 months, but it generally depends on how high the table is and how many small parts are included as to when you start using one. Check the recommended guidelines for each individual table.

How do I drain and clean a sand and water table?

Most good plastic sand and water tables come with a plug hole, so to drain the table you need only position the table in a place with good drainage and pull the plug.

Plastic tables are usually easy to rise out with a hose or bucket, and can be wiped clean.

Wooden tables aren't as easy to clean out, and will likely require you to use a bucket or container to empty. (On the flip side, wooden tables are more resilient against our harsh Aussie sun.)

Does your little one have a sand and water table they love? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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