Best Preschool Toys In Australia 2018

Best Preschool Toys In Australia 2018

From the Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser to the PJ Masks Headquarters Playset, there are some seriously impressive toys in Australia for preschoolers right now - but what's the most popular, and what's the most fun? That's where this page will help you. We've sifted through countless playthings to bring you the best preschool toys in the country, and where to get your hands on them!

1. Paw Patrol Paw Patroller

This HUGE Paw vehicle is the ultimate toy for serious fans. It opens up to accommodate Paw Patrol vehicles, and you can even open up the front cabin for Paw patrol figures to ride up front. There's a working elevator (I know, right?!), command centre and helipad! Buy the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller here for $99 (sale price).

2. PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

The PJ Masks Headquarters Playset is a must-have toy for kids who simply can't get enough Catboy! The set is enormous, and it's double sided for loads of play options. There are lights, sounds, a working elevator, and the set includes Catboy and his Catcar. Buy the PJ Masks Headquarters Playset here for $99.

3. Num Noms

Num Noms are deliciously scented, squishy collectable toys that Aussie kids are going bananas for! The idea is that you combine a Num with a Nom and come up with different ahh-mazing scents! You can buy Num Noms in lipgloss and glitter nailpolish options, mystery sets, and there are larger playsets available as well. Shop the Num Noms range from $6.99 here.

4. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Pizza Party

Play-Doh sure has come a long way over the years! This awesome set is perfect for budding pizza chefs who want to create their own colourful masterpieces. The set includes five cans of Play-Doh and loads of tools. Buy the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Pizza Party set for $15 here.

5. Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme

Got a Bat fan in your life? The Imaginext Batbot Xtreme is WOW! It stands at over two feet in height and has extendable arms, projectile launchers, a voice changer and it even houses a hidden bat vehicle. Buy the Imaginext DC Super Friends BatBot Xtreme here for $129.

6. Disney Cars Ultimate Florida Speedway

This race track stands at over five feet long, and it is the biggest Disney Cars race track available. It includes loads of features from the Disney Cars 3 movie, and even has a motorised booster which sends cars hurtling around the track! Buy the Disney Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway here for $179.

7. L.O.L Surprise Dolls

These colourful balls have been one of the bestselling collectable toys for preschoolers (and older kids) over the past year, and they come in loads of different series including Lil' Sisters, Glitter Series, and Charm Fizz Balls! The L.O.L Surprise BIG Surpriseis hot property among die-hard fans of this series, too. Shop the L.O L Surprise range from $6.99 here.

8. LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Editions

LEGO DUPLO is perfect for preschoolers due to it's chunky pieces and captivating colour, and the Disney Princess Belle and Rapunzel sets are some of the most adorable around. Buy the Disney Princess LEGO DUPLO sets here from $29.

9. VTech Write and Learn Centre


Vtech is always a hit when it comes to educational toys, and the Write and Learn Centre is one of the newest editions to the range for 2018. It's a fully interactive board which encourages preschoolers to learn to write and draw - it even includes music and stencils. Buy the VTech Write and Learn Centre here for $29.

10. Pikmi Pops


Another irresistible collectable is Pikmi Pops; they are plush toys that come packaged in a lollypop-shaped container - and they're selling like hot cakes! Each character has a unique scent and comes with a dangler, so they can be used as bag charms or decorations. You can buy these as single packs or in the extra-large format, which is fabulous! Buy Pikmi Pops here from $9.99.


What age does "preschoolers" refer to?

Typically a preschooler refers to child aged between three and five years. It's the age when small parts become less of a concern, and a huge variety of toys become accessible to them. (Good luck getting a preschooler out of a toy store!)

What are some popular brands of toys based on TV or movie characters?

Two words: Paw Patrol! With the pups, you can do no wrong, and there is an ever-growing range of collectables and larger toys available in Australia.

Thomas and Friends, Disney Cars, PJ Masks, Batman, JoJo Siwa and the Disney Princesses are just some of the characters that Aussie preschoolers are loving in 2018.

What are the most popular interactive toys for preschoolers?

Hatchimalstook the world by storm in 2016 when they launched, and they are still going strong in Australia, with new versions popping up all the time.

Little Live Pets are recommended from the age of four years and they include various popular pets of different sizes for kids to interact with; they're a huge hit with girls in particular.

Fingerlings are adorable and loved to bits by preschoolers, possibly owing to the fact that they include farting in their repertoire of tricks! At around $20 each, they are excellent value, too.


What are some popular brands of educational toys?

LeapFrog and VTechmake some fabulous electronic toys for preschoolers that are highly engaging, have a huge focus on learning - and are BIG on fun!

Play-Doh is a perennial favourite and a very safe gift for any preschooler; it encourages creativity and quiet play, and the sets available in 2018 are next level!

What are the most popular collectable preschool toys in Australia?

The very sight of an L.O.L Surprise ball seems to send preschoolers positively giddy, and the beauty of them is that the range continues to evolve, so there's always something new every few months.

Num Noms and Pikmi Pops are both scented collectables that are causing quite a stir among preschoolers, and Shopkins are still going strong, particularly with girls.

Ooshiescollectable pencil toppers have been a huge hit with boys and girls, and new series' are released all the time.


Where can I buy popular preschool toys in Australia?

Department stores like Kmart Australia, Big W and Myer all stock a big range of preschool toys. You should also check out Toys R Us, Toy Universe and Mr Toys Toyworld for some cracking deals and great online options.

Australia's biggest marketplaces like Catch, eBay and Amazon Australia are also packed with big-brand and super popular preschool toys, and you'll often find some of the most competitive deals at these retailer.

What toys are your preschoolers loving right now? Share your favourites in the comments below!


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