Where To Buy The Summer Infant My Size Potty In Australia

Where to Buy Summer Infant My Size Potty

If you've potty trained a child before, you'll know that it can be very messy and stressful. Some kids just get it, other's take a while - and the "accidents" can be plentiful! This brilliant My Size Potty looks just like a real toilet, and I'm guessing it's going to make training that little bit easier. You can buy it in traditional white or the new-release pink version.

Here's where you can find the Summer Infant My Size Potty in Australia:

In Stock:

What makes this one of the most popular potties around is that it's just like a regular toilet - only a teeny-tiny version! It has a flip-up seat, real flushing sounds, a clip-on splash guard for boys, and it even has a compartment for wipes or toilet paper. It's totally adorable, and helps get kids familiar with regular toilet habits.


  • Sharon L.

    omg they make the cutest things these days :heart_eyes:

  • Jessica K.

    I wonder if they would use this

  • Melanie P.

    How do u empty there business once they go?

    • Kelsey L.

      Lift up the seat and the tub is removable

  • Sally R.

    I wonder how big the seat hole is though?!

  • Jo-Anne C.

    I seen it and thought I would love to get it

  • Carla W.

    This is great! I need one too

  • Rebecca V.

    That is actually pretty clever... question... who cleans it out :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Kel A.

    Can u imagine. They'd want to take it everywhere they went. I don't like pottys. Just another habit to stop.

  • Kelsey L.

    Similar to a normal potty

  • Kristy I.

    I’m getting one for the little girlle

  • Leanne M.

    That’s actually really cute!

  • Tammy S.

    Haha :joy: think I’ll just stick to the real one

  • Kylie Z.

    That’s actually really cute

  • Emma-Lee W.

    Cute! Although I’ve decided we’re going straight to the big toilet I do not like emptying and cleaning a potty! :joy:

  • Nadine L.

    Omg no:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I need this

  • Nadine L.

    They ain’t badly priced either :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Andrea F.

    Haha love this! It so cute.

  • Emi H.

    they have pink ones now =)

  • Thalia K.

    Too cute.

  • Thalia K.

    Layla would never get off it if she had one haha.

  • Deb M.

    I need this

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