Smiggle Advent Calendar 2019: Contents & Price

Hot offers for a very limited time
Smiggle Advent Calendar 2019: Contents & Price

The Smiggle Advent Calendar 2019 has just launched online, and as always, this gem is absolutely packed with goodies that stationery-loving kids will get loads of great use out.

For a very limited time, Smiggle has some HOT OFFERS on this calendar, and you stand to save up to 62% off the regular prices:

  • Buy 1 x Smiggle Advent Calendar 2019 for $25 (save $19.95)
  • Buy 2 x Smiggle Advent Calendars 2019 for $40 (save $49.90)
  • Buy 3 x Smiggle Advent Calendars 2019 for $50 (save $84.85)

Each calendar contains over $70 worth of Smiggle gear, so this one is exceptional value for money - especially at those discounted prices!

Smiggle Advent Calendar 2019 - What's Inside?

One of the great things about the Smiggle advent calendar is that, unlike most others, it contains 25 gifts - so kids still get to open a window on Christmas morning!

Contents includes:

1 x Smiggle Silicon Bag Tag, 1 x Smiggle Lanyard, 1 x Smiggle Sharpener, 1 x Smiggle Cloud Eraser, 1 x Smiggle Glitter Glue, 1 x Pencil, 1 x Smiggle 15cm Ruler, 1 x Smiggle Pencil Tube, 1 x Smiggle Scented Sticker Pack, 1 x Smiggle Rainbow Pen, 1 x Smiggle Mini Colouring Pad, 1 x Smiggle Ice Cream Pen, 1 x Smiggle Fan Eraser, 1 x Smiggle Pencil Case, 1 x Smiggle Spy Pen, 2 x Smiggle Mini Gel Pens, 1 x Smiggle Mini Stapler, 1 x Smiggle Rainbow Pencil, 1 x Smiggle Multi Eraser Pen, 1 x Smiggle Mini Markers Pack, 1 xSmiggle Slapband, 1 x Smiggle Paperclip, 1 x Smiggle Notebook Keyring, 1 x Smiggle Stax-On Highlighters.Smiggle Advent Calendar 2019: Contents & Price

One of the reasons the Smiggle Advent Calendar is such a hit every year is because it's full of practical items that school-aged kids can make great use of at school and at home. There are scented, stackable - even wearable goodies included, and all of it makes homework, crafts, letter writing and doodling that much more fun.

Eight exclusive Smiggle goodies included

Of the 25 items listed above, eight of them are exclusive Smiggle calendar items, meaning they cannot be found anywhere else! Big-time Smiggle collectors will love that.

Look out for a Lucky Ticket!

There are 30 Smiggle Lucky Tickets up for grabs in 2019, and you will need to open up the envelope inside the wrapping to find out if you've won. Lucky winners score a MASSIVE Smiggle shopping spree!

Move fast - this sells out every year!

The Smiggle Advent Calendar is one of the most popular Christmas countdowns around, and come late November it can be near impossible to find in stores or online. If you know your child would love this one, we highly recommend buying ahead of the Christmas rush.

Where to buy the Smiggle Advent Calendar 2019

You can buy the Smiggle Advent Calendar at all Smiggle stores or at Smiggle Online while stocks last. Standard shipping for online orders is $10.99 in Australia. Find your nearest store.


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