Six Trolley Bags Worth Buying in Australia in 2019

Six Trolley Bags Worth Buying in Australia in 2019

Everyone's talking about Trolley Bags since Australian supermarkets (sort of) banned single-use plastic bans at the checkout, and it gets many of us to thinking:

What are the best reusuable Trolley Bags? And are they even worth it?

Trolley Bags are reusable shopping bags that can definitely save you time at the checkout, at the car, and when unloading at home; but it depends on the size of your shop as to which type works best.

The roundup below includes our top picks for Trolley Bags in Australia, and where to grab them for a bargain.

But first...

The Pros & Cons of Trolley Bags:


  • They are reusable shopping bags and environmentally friendly.
  • Colour-coded bags helps with grouping similar items together.
  • In the long term, they work out cheaper than buying plastic bags for each shop.
  • They take up little space, are lightweight and easy to store.
  • Particularly useful at Aldi checkouts; saves repacking at the benches.
  • Trolley Bags are usually washable.


  • Can be inconvenient at self-service checkouts due to the length of the rods.
  • Many work best when left in the trolley for packing, so unless Coles and Woolworths redesign their checkouts (and finally do away with the obsolete plastic bag holders), some Trolley bags may be awkward for cashiers to hold and fill.

Best Trolley Bags in Australia

Trolley Bags in Australia take a few different forms, some sit on top of the trolley, others clip on. And then there are bags on wheels which work more like a cart and allow you to avoid the trolley altogether.

Take a look at the options below to decide what works best for you.

Original Trolley Bags - Full Size

The Original Trolley Bags ($27.99) are some of the most popular around, and they certainly have some excellent features.

This set includes:

  • 1 x 31L Trolley Bag in BLUE
  • 1 x 42L Trolley Bag in RED
  • 1 x 55L Trolley Bag in GREEN
  • 1 x 80L Trolley Bag in ORANGE

These bags come in either vibe or pastel options, and they are designed to fit a standard "full-sized" trolley.

Each bag has rods measuring 66 centimetres, and they sit on top of the trolley. They are stuck together with Velcro tabs, and in one easy movement, they fan out across the trolley for easy packing and sorting.

Each bag separates easily for loading into the car, and the entire set can be wrapped into a tight bundle when not in use. Buy here.

These Are The Trolley Bags Worth Buying in 2018

Original Trolley Bags - Express Size

The Original Trolley Bag Express Size ($29) includes all the features of the full-size set above, but they are shorter to fit shallow, or "express" trolleys in Australia.

This set includes:

  • 1 x 15L Trolley Bag in ORANGE
  • 1 x 24L Troley Bag in GREEN
  • 1 x 30L Trolley Bag in RED
  • 1 x 36L Trolley Bag in BLUE

This set better suits people who tend to do smaller shops, or frequent top-up shops, and only ever use an express trolley. Buy here.

These Are The Trolley Bags Worth Buying in 2018

Aldi Trolley Bags

Aldi Trolley Bags ($19.99) include four blue reusable shopping bags of different sizes that are designed to sit on Aldi trolleys. Like Original Trolley Bags, these fan out over the trolley in one easy movement, so they are brilliant for people who need to shop fast.

The only problem with the Aldi Trolley Bags is that they tend to be a catalogue item rather than a permanent offering, but fingers crossed this will change soon. They were last available in August 2018.

These Are The Trolley Bags Worth Buying in 2018

Supermarket SmartBags

Smartbags (from $11.99 for two) can be bought on eBay in sets of two, two, six, eight or ten bags. They are slightly different to the Original Trolley Bags in that they are all the same size and they "snap" onto the trolley rather than sitting over it.

These bags can be spread out, snapped onto a trolley of any size, and filled with up to 18 kilograms of groceries. They also have a very handy front pocket for shopping lists. Buy here.

These Are The Trolley Bags Worth Buying in 2018

Clip & Carry Bags

Clip & Carry Bags ($24 for two bags) are environmentally friendly shopping bags that are similar in design to the SmartBags mentioned above. All you have to do it stretch the bag across the trolley, and clip it to the rim. Then you've got an easy-access grocery bag ready to be loaded up.

These bags are waterproof, which makes them especially great for certain grocery items prone to leaking.

You can buy these bags in sets of two or four bags, and you will generally fit two bags per trolley. Bear in mind these are quite big, and will be very heavy if overfilled. Buy here.

Six Supermarket Trolley Bags Worth Buying in 2018

White Magic Handy Cart

White Magic Handy Carts ($25.99) aren't your standard Trolley Bag, but given how convenient they are for grocery shopping, they're definitely worth a mention here.

These carts have a 30-litre capacity and can hold up to 50 kilograms worth of groceries, and the beauty of them is that by using one of these, you essentially do away with using supermarket baskets, or express trolleys.

The White Magic Handy Cart has a collapsible handle, manoeuvrable wheels, and it folds down for easy storage. It comes in grey, orange, blue or black options. Buy here.

Six Supermarket Trolley Bags Worth Buying in 2018

Do you have another type of Trolley Bag you use? Share it with us in the comments below!


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