These Netflix Secret Codes Unlock Awesome Halloween Movies

These Netflix Secret Codes Unlock Awesome Halloween Movies

If you're a serious streamer, you may have already heard about Netflix secret codes and the vault of extra content they can unlock. The codes cover many genres, including some niche Halloween movies that are utterly perfect for spooky October bingefests.

Users of Netflix Australia (and everywhere else) became wildly excited when secret codes were leaked some time back, and became the perfect solution to a common gripe with Netflix: seeing the same content and the same genres on our lists all the time!

Where was the variety?!

Turns out a lot of the variety is in the codes, and accessing it is as easy as adding the code to the end of a Netflix URL as demonstrated below:

Netflix Australia Secret Codes Unlock Awesome Halloween Movies!

You can check out our previous post for a roundup of the best Netflix secret codes. These include some very specific categories such as slapstick movies and movies for kids based on age groups, which is super handy for parents.

But for now, let's talk horror movies...

Halloween Movies

In the regular Netflix dashboard, you can easily access the Horror category, and there are some gems ready for viewing right now.

  • Log in to your Netflix account
  • Select MOVIES on the top menu
  • Click on the GENRES drop-down menu
  • Select HORROR

The Haunting Of Hill House (which only just started on 12th October) is causing quite a stir among fans of the horror genre. It's based on the 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson and it involves a combination of past and present as a family returns to their old house to face ghosts of the past. If you love a story based on creepy houses, this is a bandwagon worth jumping on.

Apostlestars Gareth Evans and follows the story of a man who heads to a remote island in search of his sister who was taken by a less-than-hospitable religious cult.

Malevolent is also getting quite a bit of attention right now, and it's another one that involves a haunted house. Two con artists (also siblings), trained in the art of faking paranormal experiences, wind up in a real life horror situation. Will they get out it?

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House is another Netflix Original with a creepy house at the front and centre of the story. This one tells the story of a nurse who goes to an estate to care for an elderly writer - a horror novelist, as it were. But there's a history to this house, and it isn't pretty.

Netflix Australia Secret Codes Unlock Awesome Halloween Movies!
Images: Netflix

The Babysitter is your classic high school horror story, re-done - yet again! Naturally this one is comedy-slash-horror and involves an attractive babysitter and a satanic cult. This will be a hit with the teens.

1922 is a must-watch movie if you're a Stephen King fan. It was made only last year and tells the tale of a rancher who is out to kill his wife for money, and drags his teenage son into the situation.

Super Monsters Save Halloween is perfect for the younger kids, and it's one of many episodes in the series. In this one, the Super Monsters use their special powers to get the neighbours involves in Halloween. Lots of cuteness here.

Stranger Things needs a mention because it is part horror, part sci-fi and completely perfect for a Halloween-themed Netflix binge. Even if you have seen this award-winning series, go watch it again - it's worth it.

Netflix Australia Secret Codes Unlock Awesome Halloween Movies!
Images: Netflix

Netflix Halloween Movie Codes

There are a lot more horror-themed movies on Netflix than what appears on a genre search, and you can unlock them easily if you have the codes.

And that's just what we've got for you.

Remember, these codes will only work on a browser. If you can't do this on your Smart TV, you'll need to use your phone, computer or tablet. Netflix Australia Secret Codes Unlock Awesome Halloween Movies!

These are some of the niche horror categories you can unlock on Netflix:

  • TV Horror: 83059
  • Supernatural Thrillers: 11140
  • Psychological Thrillers: 5505
  • Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694
  • Satanic Stories: 6998
  • B-Horror Movies: 8195
  • Monster Movies: 947
  • Vampire Horror Movies: 75804
  • Slasher and Serial Killer Movies: 8646
  • Zombie Horror Movies: 75405
  • Teen Screams: 52147
  • Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023
  • Horror Comedy: 89585
  • Deep Sea Horror Movies: 45028
  • Creature Features: 6895
  • Dark Comedies: 869
  • Anime Horror: 10695
  • Film Noir: 7687
  • British Horror Movies: 4991
  • Campy Horror Movies: 1155
  • Critically Acclaimed Horror Movies: 3721
  • Horror Movies Based On Books: 1751
  • Scary Dramas: 3488

Teen screams? Slasher movies?!

Start stockpiling your popcorn. There's a movie marathon on the cards.

Of course, Netflix is way more than flesh-eating zombies and ugly houses that are clearly haunted.

Take a look at what's new to Netflix Australia each month to make sure you don't miss a thing.


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