Is Myer One Worth Joining? Here's What You Need to Know

Get rewarded for shopping at one of Australia's favourite department stores
Is Myer One Worth Joining? Here's What You Need to Know

If you're an avid shopper with a passion for beauty products, fashion and home goods, a Myer One membership could come in very handy indeed. In fact, depending on your shopping habits, a Myer One membership could have you receiving some juicy rewards four times a year!

So is Myer One worth joining? We sure think so!

What is Myer One?

The Myer One loyalty program allows members to earn credits, and ultimately Myer rewards (in the form of vouchers) either for shopping at the department store or at an affiliate, or by using a Myer One credit card.

Is Myer One FREE to join?

It sure is! You can join up either at Myer online, via the Myer One app, or at a physical Myer store.

How do I earn Myer One rewards?

There are three ways to rack up those welcome rewards:

1. By shopping in-store or online at Myer

As a Myer One member you can earn credits with every purchase made at a Myer store just by showing your card. If you buy an item at Myer online, you can still earn credits provided your member number is up to date in your account.

With each dollar spent at Myer, you earn two credits.

2. By shopping at a Myer One affiliate

Myer One members have the opportunity to earn credits at at a number of affiliates, and these include Hertz, select Caltex service stations, and Wilson Parking.

The number of credits you can earn varies, and we suggest the once your Myer One membership is set up, you take the time to familiarise yourself with the participating affiliates so that you don't miss out on the extra points.

3. By shopping elsewhere using a Myer-branded credit card

The dual-purpose credit and Myer One card enables shoppers to earn credits on purchases they make elsewhere with the card. The myer credit card is a visa card, and can therefore be used widely.

With each dollar spent using a Myer credit card, you earn one credit. (This is in addition to the two credits earned if you also present a Myer One membership card when shopping at Myer.)

Is Myer One Worth Joining? Here's What You Need to Know

When will I get a Myer reward?

You will need 2000 credits to earn a $20 Myer One reward, and these are issued quarterly.

If you're an infrequent shopper, it could take some time to earn a $20 voucher, but others may spend that much in a month or less if they are looking at some big-ticket items like electronics, appliances and designer labels.

Keep in mind that if you have a Myer credit card, you can earn points whenever you use it (not just at Myer), and most likely to achieve rewards quicker.

Do Myer credits expire?

Myer credits expire two years from the purchase date, and with this in mind, it's definitely worth planning your spending to maximise those rewards. (Nobody likes to see credits go to waste!)

Do Myer rewards expire?

Like most retail vouchers out there, Myer rewards do eventually expire. Check your vouchers carefully for the "valid to" date.

Can I earn credits on sale items?

Yes, you can earn credits on purchases made at a Myer sale, whether online or at physical stores.

Keep in mind that you won't earn credits on sale items bought at the Myer eBay store, though.

What are the Myer One levels?

The Myer One membership actually has four tiers, and your membership type is determined by the amount that you spend each year, calculated from 1st April to 31st March.

Let's take a look at each Myer One level:

  • Regular Membership - This is the start point for most Myer One members, and you will begin earning two credit for every dollar spent on your Myer purchases. Once your credits reach 2000, you receive a $20 Myer One reward.
  • Silver - If your annual spend is between $1500 to $5999, you enter the Silver tier which entitles you to a $15 Birthday Reward, a $10 Anniversary Reward, and you receive invitations to exclusive events.
  • Gold - This level is reserved for shoppers with an annual Myer spend of $6000 or more, and in this level you can receive a $20 Birthday Rewards, a $15 Anniversary Reward, and FREE shipping on your orders (metro only, and excluding any "special delivery' items).
  • Platinum - This tier of the program is offered by invitation only, and as a member you will receive a $30 Birthday Reward, a $20 Anniversary Reward, and FREE shipping that includes big and bulky items. You also get personalised shopping parties, and access to exclusive platinum offers and events.

What are the benefits of a Myer One card?

If you're a frequent Myer shopper, you stand to score some great perks by being a Myer One member, the main one being those dollar rewards that you can put towards your next purchase.

  • $20 reward for every 2000 credits earned ($1 = 2 credits)
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Free shipping for gold and platinum tiers
  • Membership come with a FREE and easy-to-use app that displays and tracks your credits

Keep in mind that Myer does not accept Flybuys (like Kmart) or the Woolworths Rewards card (like Big W), so Myer One is the only option for earning rewards and ultimately discounts at this department store. (It's always satisfying to get something back when you shop!)

Is Myer One Worth Joining? Here's What You Need to Know

Do I earn Myer One credits online?

You sure do!

When you set up your Myer online account, you have the option of entering your Myer One number. Every purchase you make online will accrue credits just as you would if you were shopping at a physical Myer store.

Where is the Myer One login area?

You can log in to your account via the Myer One website, or the Myer One app.

Myer One contact details:

Need some help with your account, or perhaps you have more questions about the membership?

You can contact Myer One by phoning customer service on 136937 or emailed via the contact page.

What's another way to save at Myer?

Myer One rewards are brilliant for putting towards those big purchases on your wish list, and they can help save you a lot of money - but that's not the only way to score a saving at Myer.

Myer discount codes can be used at Myer online to reduce your spend and possibly even score free shipping. Make sure you check them out before you shop!

Head over to Myer to sign up now!


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