How to Save Money With Woolworths Rewards

How to Save Money With Woolworths Rewards

Woolworths Rewards is a free supermarket loyalty program that enables customers to earn points that can be be converted to cash discounts, Qantas Frequent Flyer points and discounted petrol.

We've put together a complete guide to help you better understand this popular program - from the steps required to join up, to using points to save on your grocery costs, petrol and flights.

How to join Woolworths Rewards

There are three ways that you can jump on board the Woolworths Rewards program:

1. Sign up online at Woolworths

  • Head to and select JOIN.
  • Enter your personal information in the fields supplied. You'll also need to choose a password for your new account.
  • Select JOIN WOOLWORTHS REWARDS - et voil√†! You're new card will be posted out to you in the coming week.
  • You will be emailed your new account details, as well as a temporary card to use until your actual card arrives in the post. You can start earning points immediately.

2. Sign up over the phone

  • If you don't have internet access, you can always register for Woolworths Rewards by phoning the team on 1300 10 1234. They will have a card posted out to you.

3. Pick up a temporary card in-store

  • You can always acquire a temporary Woolworths Rewards card at your local store to begin earning points immediately. Find it at the service counter.
  • Once home, register your temporary card online and set up your account with your personal information. Your actual card will be posted out to you within a week.

Where to earn Woolworths Rewards points

Every time you shop, simply scan your Woolworths Reward card at the register. You will earn one point for every one dollar spent at the following stores (excludes Tasmania):

If you wish to earn points when shopping online at Woolworths, you'll need to make sure that your online shopping account is linked with your Woolworth Rewards card number.

When shopping online at Big W, simply enter your Woolworths Reward card number at checkout to earn points on your purchase.

Using your Woolworths Rewards points

How To Save Money With The Woolworths Rewards Program

Once you reach 2000 points from shopping at Woolworths, BWS, Big W or Caltex, your points convert to a $10 cash credit (for use at Woolworths or BWS only) or Qantas points. You can also bank your rewards for use at Christmas and each petrol discounts. To change your redemption settings:

  • Go to your online account and select MY ACCOUNT
  • Go to REDEMPTION SETTINGS and select one of the three options: automatic savings, Qantas points or bank for Christmas.

Automatic savings:

  • Once you reach 2000 points, you automatically receive a $10 credit to use on your next shop at Woolworths stores or BWS. The credit is stored on your Woolworths Rewards card - just scan it at the checkout and your discount will be applied.

Qantas points

  • Once you reach 2000 points, you can opt to have your $10 credit immediately convert to 870 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. The points are transferred to your linked Qantas Frequent Flyer account quarterly, and can take up to a week to appear on your account. You will be emailed each time the points deposit is made.

Bank for Christmas

  • You can choose to have your $10 cash rewards "banked" for use between 15th December and 1st January. These discounts will apply automatically on shops between those dates.

Discount fuel

  • For every $30 spent at a Woolworths, Caltex, Big W or BWS, you earn a fuel discount of four cents at Caltex-Woolworths co-branded service stations. The credit is stored on your rewards card; simply scan your card when you pay for your petrol to apply the discount.

Woolworths Rewards App

You can use Stocard, Apple Wallet and Google Pay to store and use your Woolworths Rewards card details. Instead of digging around for your card, just scan your phone at checkout. Select DIGITAL WALLET in your Woolworths Rewards account for steps involved in downloading an app.

Woolworths Rewards Competitions

Woolworths regularly runs promotions and competitions., and sometimes the prizes are huge - like a year's worth of FREE groceries!

Keep up to date with all current competitions here. Once your Woolworths Rewards account is set up, you'll automatically receive promotional information via email as well.

Woolworths Rewards Lost Card

Either logon to your Woolworths Rewards account using your registered email and password, and request a new card be sent to you within a week, or phone the team on 1300 10 1234.

Woolworths Rewards Contact

It's easy to get in touch with the Woolworths Rewards team, simply chat online, or contact the team on 1300 10 1234 Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. AEST.

Woolworths Rewards FAQs:

Should I join Woolworths Rewards?

If you shop regularly at a Woolworths supermarket, then yes! By scanning your Woolworths Reward Card at the register each time you shop, you accumulate points that can later be converted to cash or Qantas Frequent Flyer points. What's not to love about that?

Does it cost anything to join Woolworths Rewards?

No. It's completely FREE!

How do I register my temporary Woolworths Rewards card?

It's easy. Just head to Woolworths Rewards, select JOIN, fill in your personal details, and enter in the number that appears on your temporary card. You be posted an actual card within a week.

How many points will I earn?

You will earn one point for each dollar spent on eligible items. In addition, weekly promotions on select products run every week, and these enable you to earn even more.

How many points do I need before I earn a cash credit or Qantas points?

You need 2000 points before you receive your $10 credit. You can choose whether this credit is used on your next shop, converted to 870 Qantas Frequent Flyer points, or banked for use at Christmas.

Can I earn points on ALL products at Woolworths?

No. You will not be able to earn points on the following items: gift cards, Woolworths Mobile and recharge items, delivery fees, flowers, carpet care, lottery products, smoking products, travel cards, internet cafes and items bought with a Caltex Starcard.

How can I see my points balance?

Just logon to your Woolworths Rewards account. You'll see a dashboard that shows you your points total, your stored fuel vouchers and your Qantas points earned (if you have selected that redemption method).

Can I have order more Woolworths Rewards cards for other members of my family?

Yes. Request additional cards in your online account by following these steps:

  • Go to your online account and select MY ACCOUNT


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