How to Get FREE Shipping at Amazon Australia

How to Get FREE Shipping at Amazon Australia

If you're wondering how to get free shipping at Amazon Australia, this post is for you. We've dug up all the tips, tricks and codes we could find that will help you avoid paying those pesky shipping fees on your purchases.

Keep this page handy; Amazon is still new in Australia, and as such, benefits and offers continue to evolve. We are constantly watching for new ways to save at Amazon, and we'll make sure you never miss a way to score free shipping.

1. Check Amazon Australia Promotions and Coupon Codes

If you're shopping at Amazon, make sure to always check out the current coupon and promotional offers for the marketplace. On our Amazon page, we've got up-to-date details on all offers currently running, which could not only save you cash, but possibly score you free freight as well.

How to Get FREE Shipping at Amazon Australia

2. Buy 'eligible" products for free shipping

At Amazon Australia, if you spend over $49 on eligible products, you automatically score FREE shipping on your order. Eligible items span a huge number of products that are fulfilled by Amazon AU, and for this very reason, it's worth waiting until you have a few purchases to make to buy them together and save on that shipping fee.

To make it easier to see exactly what products are eligible for free shipping, tick the box in the left sidebar that says: "Free Delivery by Amazon". All products listed in the search results will be eligible for free shipping once your spend reaches $49.

How to Get FREE Shipping at Amazon Australia

3. Shop with sellers that offer free shipping

Once you've spent some time on Amazon, and particularly if you are in the habit of buying from similar categories often, third-party sellers start to become familiar for offering FREE freight on orders. For example, in the Home & Kitchen department, both BuyGlobal and Wings of Destiny AU always offer free shipping.

You can select specific sellers from the bottom of the left sidebar, and it's a great way to quickly narrow your search result down to items with free shipping only.

4. Remember to check your shipping options before checking out

Amazon is still quite new to most Aussies, and as such it can take a while to get our bearings on the site. Something that is very easy to overlook at first is the shipping cost at checkout.

At checkout, once you have selected your payment method, you are presented with a few shipping options. A paid shipping option is often pre-selected, when in fact you have the option of free shipping. The below image demonstrates:

Free Shipping Tips, Tricks and Codes at Amazon Australia

Make sure you change your shipping selection to FREE Standard Delivery before you check out! Given that the very next step is a one-click order placement, this is the last chance to amend those shipping options.

5. Shop for products with FREE returns

There's nothing worse than having scored free shipping on an order, only to find you have to pay to return something. For that reason, if you are not completely sure of a product (usually this has to do with sizing), it's definitely worth shopping for goods you know you can return for free to begin with.

How to Get FREE Shipping at Amazon Australia

What you need to look out for is the "FREE Returns" label next to qualifying items, as demonstrated above. Free returns tends to apply to fashion goods at Amazon Australia.

6. Sign up to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Australia is here and it's packed with features. Free (and fast) shipping and returns is just one of the many perks of this must-have marketplace membership, and for just $59 per year, it's a bargain.

How to Get FREE Shipping at Amazon Australia

Know any other ways to score FREE shipping at Amazon Australia? Let us know in the comments!


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