Every Wittner Sale You Need to Shop This Year

Because SHOES!
Every Wittner Sale You Need to Shop This Year

Desperate for a new pair of shoes, but don't want to pay full price? You're in the right place. We've scouted out every Wittner sale you need to know about for the entire year, so that you know the key times to score a bargain - or three.

Discounts of up to 70% are not uncommon at this favourite footwear retailer, and there are even a number of opportunities throughout the year to score 40% off second pairs - because it always hurts to stop at one pair, doesn't it?

Keep reading for key Wittner shopping tips and the heads-up on when those HOT sales drop!

Wittner Sale Dates

  • Wittner 40% off Second Pair Sale - various times throughout the year
  • Wittner Mid-Season Sale - March & October
  • Wittner EOS Sale (end of season) - June & December
  • Wittner Frenzy Sale - November
  • Wittner Black Friday Sale - November
  • Wittner Boxing Day Sale - December

Fiest, Check For a Wittner Promo Code

Before making a purchase, check out whether there is a Wittner promo code that you can use to score a discount.

Many Wittner sales require the use of a code (as opposed to items being already marked down), and all it means is that you have to enter the code at checkout for discounts to be applied.

Wittner runs a lot of fleeting deals between larger sale periods that are all accessible via the use of a promo code, like the "40% off second pair" offer that is very popular with fans.

Checking for a code or coupon before you shop is also a good way to get the heads up on what other offers are currently available that you may not have known about - so make a habit of checking it before checking out!

Every Wittner Sale You Need to Shop in 2019

Wittner Shoe Sale

While Wittner runs some cracking sales events during the year, it's important to note that you can almost always find sale items at Wittner under the SALE menu online - loads of them, in fact!

Stock fluctuates throughout the year, but given what a large and frequently updated range Wittner has, newcomers to the Wittner shoe sale are common, and discounts can reach over 50% - especially when during off-season.

Take a peek at the Wittner shoe sale before you start shopping - there's a lot of goodness in there!

Wittner 40% Off Second Pair

Let's face it, when you're shoppinjg for shoes, you usually always find yourself torn between as least two pairs, right? RIght! And that is one of the reaons why Wittner fans flock to the store when this deal drops!

Shoppers can score a huge 40% off second pairs usually with use of a Wittner promo code. This deal almost always pertains to full-priced and sale stock - and it gives all of a chance to buy that extra pair we were torn over.

Sign up to Wittner to receive email alerts on this recurring deal.

Wittner Mid-Season Sale

Mid-season sales are becoming more and more common with retailers in Australia, and Wittner runs a particularly brilliant ones. In recent times we've seen offers that include a further 20% off sale items, and given that sale items can already be massively reduced, the potential for massive savings is huge!

Wittner's sales fall in March and again in October. Follow Wittner's Facebook page to keep in the loop of when these sales drop.

Every Wittner Sale You Need to Shop in 2019

Wittner EOS Sale

The Wittner EOS sale falls in June and again in December, and they are possibly the very best times of the year to pick up some shoe bargains - especially when it comes to excess stock from last season.

The June sale is known to have leather sandals and wedges are known discounted by as much as 70% - that's a massive saving that will get you ahead for next summer! Similarly, the end-of-year sale has sensational offers on winter boots. (Shopping off season is one of the best ways to save!)

The December end-of-season sale usually starts before the Boxing Day sale.

Wittner Frenzy Sale

Frenzy sales occur a few times each year in Australia, with May and November being the most popular events for fashion and footwear retailers like Wittner.

Expect to see offers of 20% off storewide for Frenzy sales at Wittner, and get ready to move fast because these sales usually only last for 24 hours!

Wittner Black Friday Sale

Rather than having separate sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Wittner typically has a Black Friday Weekend sale that spans four days, and it's always MASSIVE!

In 2018, this sale offered footwear fanatics 20% off storewide - even sale items.

Black Friday falls at the end of November, and sometimes sales can go live online from midnight on Black Friday, so either plan to stay up very late, or be prepared to get up early the next day to snaffle those online deals.

Every Wittner Sale You Need to Shop in 2019

Wittner Boxing Day Sale

Almost every major fashion retailer gets in on Boxing Day sales, and Wittner is no exception.

The 2019 Wittner Boxing Day Sale included 20% off all full-priced shoes items for two days. This ran parallel to the end-of-season offers making Wittner one very popular store to visit on December 26th!

Wittner Boots Sale

Once that cold weather kicks in, boots are a must-have piece of footwear in certain parts of Australia, and Wittner usually has some of the move coveted pairs around.

A Wittner boot sale is almost guaranteed every year, however it can come in different forms. Flash sales like "20% off all boots" are known to drop throughout winter, but you can also score bargains on boots at the Wittner mid-season sale, and other major events.

Sign up to Wittner Co. to receive email alerts, and check current Wittner promo codes (which are usually required for any sale) to keep up to date with great offers on boots at this store.

Head over to Wittner now and start shortlisting your faves ahead of the next big sale!


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