Every Rebel Sport Sale You Need to Know About in 2019

Keep these dates handy and save big on your must-have sports, fitness and leisure gear
Every Rebel Sport Sale You Need to Know About in 2019

Wondering when the next big Rebel Sport sale is going to drop? You've come to the right place! We've not only rounded up the top sale events for this store for the entire year, but we've given you a bit of an insight as to what to expect at the sales based on previous events.

If sport and outdoor living are a big part of your life, bookmark this page and stay in the loop of the hottest upcoming Rebel Sports sales for the year.

Rebel Sports Sales Dates 2019:

  • Rebel Sport Mother's Day Sale - May
  • Rebel Sport Frenzy Sale - May & November
  • Rebel Sport Mid-Season Sale - May & October
  • Rebel Sport Black Friday Sale - November
  • Rebel Sport Boxing Day Sale - December
  • Rebel Sport Super Saturday Sales - frequent sales throughout the year

Rebel Sport Discount Code

If you're on this page, you're looking to save on those purchases, right? Well sales are not the only way to save on those must-have sporting goods, a Rebel Sport coupon can also serve the save purpose - and we've got them all in the one place for you.

How do coupons work?

Coupons are unique codes that are created by a store, and by entering one in a specific field at the online checkout, you may be able to save money on your purchases, or possibly even score free shipping.

Each Rebel Sport discount code usually only runs for a limited period of time.

Rebel Sport Mother's Day Sale

Next Expected Sale: May 2020

While the Mother's Day sale is not as big a deal as the larger clearance sales, it comes in very handy for people looking for sport-related gifts in the lead-up to Mother's Day in May; and with so many great brands under one roof, it's always easy to find something gift-worthy.

What was offered last year?

Rebel Sport shoppers could "buy one, get one half price" for any women's clothing item in 2019.

When does it start?

In 2019, this offer ran for the five days leading up to Mother's Day. We don't know if we will see the exact same offer next time, but it will undoubtedly run over the days leading up to May 12th.

Every Rebel Sport Sale You Need to Know About This Year

Rebel Sport Boxing Day Sale

Next Expected Sale: 26th December, 2019

Most stores around Australia launch massive clearance sales on Boxing Day, and Rebel Sport is certainly no exception. In fact, the Rebel Sport Boxing Day Sale is one of the most popular events for sporting, camping and outdoor enthusiasts who want to stock up on awesome gear for summer.

When it comes to Rebel Sport sales, the Boxing Day event is one of the biggest of the year, and you can expect to find up to 50% off footwear, and huge discounts on inflatables, bikes and watersports gear.

What was offered last year?

In 2018, there was up to 40% off beach and pool toys at the Rebel Sport Boxing Day Sale - and in perfect timing for summer days spend in and on the water. There was also 30% off clothing, and 50% off big-brand footwear, including Nike and Asics.

We expect this to continue to be the biggest annual sale for Rebel in coming years, and as competition heats up with online retailers, the discounts can only get better. Don't miss it!

When does it start?

Usually the Rebel Sport Boxing Day Sale starts online on the 25th December, and in stores on the 26th.

Rebel Sport Frenzy Sale

Next Expected Sales: 12th November, 2019

Frenzy sales have become a massive deal in online retail, and they are attracting more and more stores and shoppers year on year. The major frenzy sales occur twice a year in May and November.

What was offered last time?

You'll be happy to know that Rebel is known to get in and amongst this online frenzy, and at previous sales there have been sitewide discounts of at least 20%, much like the Super Saturday offers. The May 2019 event saw shoppers treated to 20% off storewide.

When does it start?

Usually frenzy sales only run for 24 hours at Rebel Sport, starting first thing on the launch date - so be ready to pounce on those must-haves.

Every Rebel Sport Sale You Need to Know About This Year

Rebel Sport Black Friday Sale

Next Expected Sale: 29th November, 2019

The Black Friday shopping extravaganza is not just for Americans anymore, it's a worldwide event, and it's getting bigger by the year in Australia.

What was offered last year?

Previous Rebel Sport Black Friday Sales have included offers such as "further 10% off everything" (2018), and "30% off Under Armour" (2017). We will have to wait and see what the next sale holds for customers, but out fingers are crossed that Rebel offers a combination of sitewide discounts and big-brand offers.

When does it start?

Black Friday sales usually start at midnight at most stores and run for a full 24 hours, Sometimes stores extend the Black Friday sale all the way though until and including Cyber Monday; check Rebel's homepage on the day for more details.

Rebel Sport Mid-Season Sale

Next Expected Sale: October 2019

Loads of Aussie stores run mid-season sales in October, and they are usually massive! In fact, along with the summer clearance, this is one of the biggest sales of the year for a number of stores, including Rebel Sport.

What was offered last year?

In 2018, the October Rebel Sport mid-season sale included up to 70% off big-brand sporting footwear and apparel - including Nike, Puma, New Balance, Adidas and more. There were thousands of items reduced, including some leisure gear, games and fitness gear. Items started at just $1!

When does it start?

Last year Rebel Sport's mid-season sales started in late May and early October, and ran for several weeks.

Every Rebel Sport Sale You Need to Know About This Year

Rebel Sport Super Saturday

Next Expected Sale: Unknown, but you can keep tabs by following the Rebel Sport Facebook page.

Super Saturday sales are held frequently throughout the year at Rebel Sport, and the are a great opportunity for sporting enthusiasts to score some great bargains outside of those major sales - in fact, sometimes you stand to save more on a Super Saturday!

What is offered?

Usually Rebel Sport offers 20% off sitewide on these days, but that could change at any time. As above, the best way to stay in the loop of these event sis to follow Rebel on social media, and subscribe to receive email notifications.

When does it start?

Super Saturday sales start first thing on a Saturday morning and run for one day only.

Now that you know when to expect the next Rebel Sport sale, head over and start checking out the brilliant brands up on offer.

Don't forget, if you spy something you outside of sale periods, check for a Rebel Sport discount code to help with your purchase.


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