Every Adairs Sale You Need to Know About in 2019

From Black Friday to the Spring Sale, every Adairs sale you don't want to miss
Every Adairs Sale You Need to Know About in 2019

If you love quality linen, and enjoy snapping up a bargain, you're going to want to keep this Adairs sale guide very handy!

Knowing the best times to shop is the key to scoring the best deals, and in this sale calendar we point out all of the hottest Adairs sales throughout the year so that you know the best opportunities to save on those must-haves for the home.

Whether you're after an adorable quilt cover from Adairs Kids, or the perfect throw rug for winter, Adairs well and truly has you covered; and thanks to some red-hot sales held throughout the year, you certainly don't need to spend a fortune to get your home looking cosy and fabulous.

Bookmark this guide now - and enjoy those savings!

Adairs Sale Dates 2019:

  • Adairs Autumn Sale: March
  • Adairs Linen Lovers Sales: March, May, July, August, September, November
  • Adairs Vogue Online Fashion Night (VOSN) Sale: April & October 2019
  • Adairs Frenzy Sales: May & November
  • Adairs Mid-Year Sale: June
  • Adairs Afterpay Day Sale: August
  • Adairs Spring Sale: September
  • Adairs Black Friday Sale: November
  • Adairs Cyber Monday Sale: November
  • Adairs Christmas Sale: December
  • Adairs Summer Sale (Boxing Day): December

Adairs Autumn Sale:

  • Next expected sale: March

With autumn being a particularly popular time for refreshing the home for the cooler months ahead, the Adairs Autumn sale is one hot sale event indeed.

You can safely expect to find discounts of up to 40% off new-season collections, giving you every excuse to splash out and grab some autumnal decor for the months ahead.

Last year, this sale was quite short, so you need to be ready and waiting for it in order to successfully snaffle those new arrivals before they sell out. Keep your eyes peeled from early March.

Adairs Linen Lovers Sale:

  • Next expected sale: March, May July, August, September & November

Adairs Linen Lovers members stand to receive so many discounts throughout the year that joining is an absolute no-brainer for anyone obsessed with homewares.

First up, there's the on-going discount of 10% off full-priced items or 5% off sale items - but it gets even juicier. At key times of the year, Linen Lovers members can score a whopping 40% off full-priced items and 20% off already-reduced stock just for being part of the gang!

In recent years we've seen this sale fall several times throughout the year, and the best way to keep in the loop about it is to check out the Adairs social pages and subscribe to the newsletter.

Linen Lovers sales are usually accessible online and in stores.

Find out more about Adairs Linen Lovers, and how to join.

Every Adairs Sale You Need to Know About in 2019

Adairs VOSN Sale:

  • Next expected sale: April & October

Vogue Online Shopping Night is not just about fashion, it's also the opportunity to score big discounts on homewares and furniture, so it's only natural that Adairs would join the party.

In the past few years VOSN has run twice a year. It usually kicks off at 7 p.m. and runs until midnight, although it's very much at the discretion of the store as to how long a sale goes for; at Adairs you can expect it to run for 24 hours.

Recent Adairs VOSN offers include 20% off full-priced items and 10% off sale items, online only.

Like Frenzy Sales, it's common to require an Adairs Coupon code to apply your discounts at this one.

Adairs Frenzy Sale:

  • Next expected sale: November

Like VOSN, Frenzy sales are typically short sale events of 24 - 48 hours that involve loads of different Australian stores - including Adairs.

In the most recent sale, Adairs offered shoppers a further 10% off already heavily reduced items (as part of the mid-season sale), and of course, Linen Lovers members could save even more!

Keep in mind that you may have to enter an Adairs promo code to score your discount at these events.

Adairs Mid-Year Sale:

  • Next expected sale: June

The Mid-Year Sale at Adairs is a huge clearance event that can last up to a month from early June to early July.

In recent years we've seen 30% off bedding, 50% off bath towels, 30% off furniture and even 50% off quilt covers - including Adairs kids stock.

It's not uncommon to see free shipping thrown in towards the end of this sale, so look out for that.

Every Adairs Sale You Need to Know About in 2019

Adairs Afterpay Day Sales:

  • Next expected sale: August

Afterpay Day is a massive sale event that — like "Frenzy Sales" — involve countless stores around the country. Afterpay Day sales are held by most stores that offer the Afterpay service as a method pf payment, and Adairs is one of them!

In the past few years we've seen Afterpay Day fall in February (and appropriately dubbed "Afterbae Day" in a nod to Valentine's Day shoppers), and in August. The sale is usually 24 hours only, and while some stores run longer than this, Adairs tends to stick to the one-day norm.

At Adairs you can expect to see discount of 20% off full-priced items, and you don't even have to pay via Afterpay to score the discount.

Adairs Spring Sale:

  • Next expected sale: September

If you have a tendency to want to overhaul the house when spring hits, you're definitely not alone, and the Spring Sale at Adairs is the absolutely perfect time to pick up new-season bedding and decor at a great price.

This is one of the bigger sales for Adairs during the year, similar to the Summer Sale in that discounts start out high at up to 40% off, and progress to 50% (or more) as the sale continues.

The Adairs Spring Sale tends to run from early September until early October.

Adairs Black Friday Sale:

  • Next expected sale: November

Black Friday is becoming a big event in Australia, despite being a very American retail tradition, and Adairs has been offering some great discounts to fans over recent years.

The Adairs Black Friday sale typically runs for three days, from Black Friday until the end of the weekend, and discounts include 20% off full-priced items, and 10% off sale.

Adairs Cyber Monday Sale:

Next expected sale: November

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday following Black Friday, and at Adairs you can expect to see the same Black Friday discounts continue. In 2018, free shipping was added to the Black Friday discount, making it one popular day of online shopping!

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals tend to run for one day only, so don't miss it!

Every Adairs Sale You Need to Know About in 2019

Adairs Christmas Sale

  • Next expected sale: 1st December

In 2018, this "12 Days of Christmas" sale event was exclusive to Linen Lovers members, and involved 12 consecutive days of special offers in the lead up to Christmas, starting on the 1st December.

Each day, a new special offer was announced on the website, social media and via email; discounts were huge and perfect for people looking for exceptional decor gifts for friends and family.

If this festive sale runs again in 2019 (and we really hope it does), expect to see reductions of up to 50% off home fragrance, Christmas items, tableware, toys, beach towels and more gift-worthy goodies.

Adairs Summer Sale

  • Next expected sale: January

The Adairs Summer Sale is a big one! It can span over a month from late December to late January, and is essentially an early-starting and somewhat extended Boxing Day sale.

Discounts are exceptional at this sale, and are known to start at up to 40% off, progressing to up to 50% off later in the sale - so it can be worth waiting it out to score the best deals. (That said, popular items do tend to fly out the door, so you don't want to risk waiting for some things.)

Recent deals have included $50 off vintage washed linen sheet sets, 30% off rugs and furniture, 40% off beach towels. and up to 50% off kids' quilt covers.

Adairs Coupon Codes:

A quick peek at our Adairs coupon code page will show you exactly what deals are on offer at any point in time. Be sure to check in there before you shop!

Now that you're equipped with the dates and codes, head over to Adairs and check out what's new!


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