Is eBay Plus Worth it? Here's What You Need To Know

Find out exactly what's included in the membership fee, how to join, and how much you can save
Is eBay Plus Worth it? Here's What You Need To Know

You've no doubt heard about eBay Plus: the package that entitles members to free shipping, free returns and exclusive offers on eBay Australia. With a relatively low annual fee, it's certainly grabbed the attention of online shoppers around the country, but is it actually worth it?

With many sellers already offering complementary shipping on eBay, and the ability to get free returns with purchases made via PayPal, it stands to reason that a lot of shoppers would be dubious about this latest offering from eBay; and truth be told, it isn't a membership that suits everyone.

eBay Plus benefits apply to "eligible" items only

With this in mind, how often you make purchases on eBay, what eBay stores you frequent, and what sorts of products you regularly buy all need to be taken into account when tossing up whether this membership is for you.

The eBay Plus badge only appears on highly rated stores

The eBay Plus benefit isn't bought by sellers, it's earned. eBay Australia rewards sellers with the eBay Plus badge as a result of having excellent levels of customer satisfaction, and a 'best-in-class" listing.

That said, if you tend to shop at popular eBay Stores, including official stores like Myer, Target, Big W, Dan Murphy's or Kathmandu, then you will find countless eligible products to buy, and the membership is very likely to save you a pretty penny. In fact, with the average price of postage at around $9.95 per order, you would only need to make five purchases to have covered the cost of your membership.

eBay Plus doesn't apply to international orders

If however, you tend to buy from overseas eBay sellers, eBay Plus won't be of any benefit. (Thankfully, many Chinese and UK sellers offer free shipping anyway.)

Let's take a look at eBay Plus more closely.

What is eBay Plus?

eBay Plus launched in June 2018, and is basically eBay Australia's answer to Amazon Prime. Unlike Prime, however, eBay Plus is almost wholly focused on online shopping perks rather than on lifestyle extras like video, music, reading and gaming.

eBay Plus also happens to be cheaper than Amazon Prime in Australia.

Members are entitled to a number of shopping perks on eligible products, the main drawcards being free shipping and free returns.

The membership is paid annually, and anyone with an eBay account can join.

How much is eBay Plus?

The regular annual cost is $49, with a free trial for 30 days.

What does eBay Plus include?

  • Free delivery on 15 million eligible eBay Plus items (excludes express or international post).
  • Free returns, with postage label provided.
  • Free delivery over $49 with Coles eBay Store
  • Earn double flybuys points on eBay Plus products (exclusions apply).
  • Access to exclusive buying and selling offers such as discount vouchers and reduced selling fees.
  • Premium customer service, with a dedicated eBay Plus team ready to help when you need it.

Finding eBay Plus items

eBay Plus benefits apply only to eligible items marked with the eBay Plus logo. There are millions of eligible products available, with a huge number of big-name sellers involved.

Some of the most popular eBay Plus sellers:

  • Myer
  • Target
  • Officeworks
  • Kathmandu
  • Roxy
  • Target
  • City Beach
  • Jeanswest

Filter your search results to find eBay Plus items:

First, make sure you're logged into eBay. Type in your search request, click on the eBay Plus filter, and you're left with all eligible products.

How to join eBay Plus

It's easy. Just head over the the eBay Plus sign-up page, register your details and you're good to go. See the video below for an overview.

How to cancel eBay Plus

Tried it, but not loving it? eBay makes it quite simple to cancel your membership.

  1. Log into eBay
  2. Click on the eBay Plus link on the top menu
  3. Click on edit membership
  4. Click on cancel membership

Cancelling before your trial period ends:

If you go ahead and cancel your membership while you're still in the trial period, you won't be charged anything going forward. If there is any time left on your free 30-day trial, you can still enjoy the benefits.

Cancelling after you've already paid the annual fee:

You can cancel at any time throughout your paid term, however it's important to note that eBay does not issue refunds. By cancelling your membership, you prevent being charged for a subsequent year, but you can't claim a reimbursement for time not used. As above, you will be able to keep using eBay Plus for the duration you've paid for.

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