Complete Jetstar Sale Guide For Australia 2019

Complete Jetstar Sale Guide For Australia 2019

A Jetstar sale is a HOT sale, and it definitely pays to know when the big sales will be running so that you can better plan your travel, and snaffle those bargain flights before they sell out - which they always do!

In this guide, you'll find information about key Jetstar sales in Australia, including when they are likely to run, and what kinds of fares you can expect. Trust us when we say there are heaps of opportunities to save big on those flights and accommodation offers.

Jetstar is a budget airline, and checked baggage is usually not included in sale fares, but it can be purchased separately. Check the terms and conditions for each sale offer.

Jetstar Sale Fares

For current sale fares, head straight to the Jetstar dealspage. All you need to do is select your departure and arrival cities to check out the relevant offers for you.

Expected Annual Jetstar Sales:

  • Jetstar Australia Day Sale - January
  • Jetstar Japan sale (return for free) - March & September
  • Jetstar Easter Sale - April
  • Jetstar Hawaii Sale (return for free / kids fly & stay free) - March & August
  • Jetstar Birthday Sale (return for free) - May
  • Jetstar Spring Sale - August
  • Jetstar Christmas Sale - December
  • Jetstar Boxing Day Sale - December

Jetstar Sale Friday Frenzy

The Jetstar Friday Fare Frenzy refers to sale fares that are posted at 12 p.m. on Fridays, and last anywhere from eight hours to four days. (This doesn't run every week.)

Examples of recent Friday Fare Frenzy offers include domestic flights from just $35 each way, and international flights from just $119 each way. When these sale fares drop, they are usually the cheapest fares for those routes in the country.

Jetstar Australia Day Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: January

Everyone is in holiday mode around Australia Day, and Jetstar likes to celebrate by slashing prices on routes to all parts of the country.

In past years, the Jetstar Australia Day Sale has started around the 20th January and run for up to one week. Usually Club Jetstar members will get early access to the sale, with it becoming open to the general public some days later. fares are one-way with cabin luggage included.

Some of the top deals in 2018 included Avalon to Hobart for $29, Sydney to Avalon for $45 and Perth to Sydney $199.

Jetstar Easter Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: April

Jetstar's Easter Sale typically runs for one week in the lead up to Easter and includes a number of seriously cheap fares for domestic and international travel.

In recent years, hot offers have included Avalon to Hobart for just $29, and Darwin to Denpasar for just $99, Tullamarine to Hong Kong return for just $369 and Tullamarine to Auckland return for $187, all with cabin baggage included. Sale fares are usually for travel within six months with some block-out periods.

Jetstar Birthday Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: May

The Jetstar Birthday Sale is an annual sale extravaganza in May that everyone gets excited about, because it traditionally involves free return flights! Examples from recent sales include Darwin to Bali return for $129 and Melbourne to Hobart for $39 return, with cabin baggage only.

The free-return-flights offer is limited and once sold out (which happens fast), very cheap one-way birthday fares usually stay in play for the remainder of the event.

Jetstar Hawaii Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: August (kids fly & stay free)

Hawaii is always a popular destination, so it's very good news that sale fares from Australian cities to Hawaii happen often throughout the year. Better still, Jetstar also runs return-for-free offers for Hawaiian destinations. Got to love that!

In May, 2018, Jetstar's Return-for-Free Hawaii Sale included fares as low as $356 from Melbourne or Sydney to Honolulu; and in August, families were treated to a Hawaii sale event in which kids flew and stayed FREE! Be on the lookout for these sales again in 2019.

Don't forget that Jetstar offers accommodation and package options for travel to Hawaii as well.

Jetstar Spring Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: August

The Jetstar Spring Sale 2018 included fares as low as $35 from Melbourne to Sydney; from $39 for Melbourne to Launceston and from $49 from Sydney to the Gold Coast. International options included Sydney - Fiji from $189 and Brisbane - Honolulu from $308.

Jetstar's Spring Sale usually always place at the end of August and runs for around one week. This sale is perfectly timed for Aussies who are desperate for some sun after a long, cold winter, and there are always dirt-cheap fares for loads of domestic and international routes.

Jetstar Sale Bali

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: July

The opportunities to fly to Bali on a budget are frequent when it comes to Jetstar, in fact one-way fares as low as $99 (usually from Townsville or Darwin) can occur several times each year, and return fares from $129 can be scooped up with at return-for-free events like the Jetstar Birthday Sale.

Look out for key Jetstar sales such as the Christmas, Boxing Day, Easter, Spring and Birthday Sales, which is when those red hot Bali fares are to be expected. In addition, make sure you're signed up to the Jetstar mailing list so that you don't miss out on a flash sale outside of those sales.

Jetstar NZ Sale

  • Expected Sale Date: August

In August 2017, Jetstar's New Zealand Sale offered incredible value, with return flights from Melbourne to Auckland or Christchurch for $188, and Sydney to Auckland for $192 - by far the cheapest offers in Australia.

Like Bali, cheap flights to New Zealand are relatively easy to scoop up with Jetstar; many annual sales such as the Easter, Birthday and Spring sales include cheap one-way fares to New Zealand, with the lowest usually around $119 from Melbourne to Christchurch.

Jetstar Vietnam Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: August

When it comes to travel to Vietnam, Jetstar is the airline for seriously discounted fares. In fact, in June 2017, Jetstar released sale fares of just $83 from Darwin to Ho Chi Minh City return!

Look out for Jetstar's Birthday Sale, which includes FREE return flights to Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the best opportunities to snaffle the cheapest fares to Vietnam.

Jetstar Japan Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: September

Jetstar is famous for it's Return-For-Free Japan Sale, and thankfully, it's one that crops up more than once per year. In 2017 this sale occurred in March and September; in 2018 we saw it once in February.

The way this works is that travellers select a "Starter Fare" for their desired departure and arrival cities within the dates specified, and the return fare costs nothing. In early 2018, sale fares included Melbourne to Tokyo $447 return, Cairns to Tokyo $289 return, and Adelaide to Tokyo $480 return.

Jetstar Christmas Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: December

Jetstar Christmas Sales may not run each year, but when they do, they're popular!

The sales usually lasts for around a week to ten days, wrapping up just before Christmas, so if you want to give the gift of travel to someone special at Christmas, this is one to look out for.

The Jetstar Christmas Sale is the first festive sale to look out for. In 2018, this sale ran from the 5th to 10th of December, and included domestic flights as low as $37 (Melbourne - Sydney).

And then there's the very fun Secret Jingle Sale, which in 2018 included over 150 one-way flights for just $2 a pop! It wasn't as simple as clicking over to Jetstar and booking the flights, though. Customers had to tune in to Jetstar's Christmas playlist on Spotify, identifying specific code words within songs. If a lucky listener was randomly selected, they had the chance to follow the instructions provided to unlock a very cheap trip indeed.

Fingers crossed this very jolly promo comes back for 2019!

Jetstar Boxing Day Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: December

The Jetstar Boxing Day Sale usually kicks off on Boxing Day itself and boasts some of the cheapest fares the country sees all year. The sale can run for just 24 hours, so mark this one in your diary and get ready to book fast.

Like always, sale fares include cabin baggage only, with the option to pay for checked luggage should you need it.

Sale fares started as low as $37 in 2018, with one-way international routes from less than $200. Hot offers included Adelaide to Melbourne for $37, and Gold Coast to Auckland for $196.

Join the Jetstar Mailing List!

There are many big sale events throughout the year and the best way to stay in the loop of current sale fares is to sign up to Jetstar's mailing list (at the bottom of the homepage). Jetstar frequently sends out email notifications about sale fares - it's up to you to get to them before they sell out!

Jetstar Afterpay Policy

Gone are the days of having to pay out holidays and flights all in one hit, because Jetstar now offers Afterpay as a payment option.

With Afterpay, you can pay for your booking in four equal instalments across eight weeks, with no interest payable at any point.

The only catch is that the total booking cannot exceed $1200, so it's a payment option that probably better suits flights rather than holiday packages.

Read more on how Afterpay works here.

See all current flight, accommodation and holiday options at Jetstar here.


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