Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

From household meal services like Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh to weight-loss options like Lite n' Easy and Jenny Craig, food box subscription services are becoming a BIG deal in Australia; not only do they save us time, but they encourage healthy eating.

More and more Australian food subscription services are popping all the time, so to help you find the right options for your needs, we've put together a complete guide to the best food and meal subscription services in Australia based on teh various categories.

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Subscription Meal Boxes

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is one of the most popular food delivery services in the country and it's easy to see why. Once selected online, pre-portioned seasonal ingredients for chef-curated recipes will arrive at your door, then all you need to do is follow the recipes from the included cards to whip up nutritionally balanced meals. All ingredients are farm fresh, and you can choose from Veggie, Classic or Family plans. Delivery is often free, but there may be fees for some postcodes. Prices start at $5.83 per serving.

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your doorstep, so you can make delicious, hassle-free meals at home for yourself, or for the whole family. Once you've selected and ordered your weekly recipes online, your sustainable chiller box will be sent out to you filled with seasonal produce. All ingredients are pre-measured to eliminate waste and the recipe cards are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions. Delivery is free and you can edit your order or skip a week, it's up to you. Prices start at $9.50 per serving.

Dinner Ladies

The Dinner Ladies are Katherine Westwood and Sophie Gilliatt and their website is pretty darn cute. If you are busy and don't have time to shop and cook, then the Dinner Ladies will be your saving grace. They prepare home-cooked, snap-frozen meals for one person, or a entire families. Services vary depending on postcode, and delivery fees are $15, or free over $200. Prices start at $11 for mains.

The Cook's Grocer

By signing up to The Cook's Grocer, you'll save time on your food prep, and have the benefit of knowing you're eating fresh, locally sourced produce. The beauty of The Cook's Grocer is that you can either start an on-going meal box subscription or order one-off meals for busy days. Choose from Couple, Family of Four-Person options, and food and recipes will be delivered to your door in chiller boxes. The Cook's Grocer delivers to Sydney, Southern Highlands, Canberra, Newcastle and NSW’s Central Coast. Delivery is free, and prices start at $49 for a two-person meal box.

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

You Foodz

With YouFoodz, the food is so fresh, it actually gets from the market to you within 48 hours. The best feature of this meal delivery service is its versatility; it is perfect for people who want to customise their meals and not be locked into contracts. Meal plans include Weight Loss, Clean Eating, Muscle Gainer, Veg Out, Seasonal Faves or Build Your Own, and delivery is free to 2000 locations in Australia and growing. Prices start at $9.95 per serving.

Gourmet Dinner Service

Wish you had a live-in personal chef? This could be the next best thing. The Gourmet Dinner Service kitchen is led by French Executive Chef, Sebastien Houillon, who has a Michelin restaurant background and is supported by Master chef Singh Gupreet, who creates speciality Indian and Asian dishes. Together they create amazing dishes that are GMO and preservative free. Select from mains, small mains, family meals, salads and desserts and have them delivered to your door. Prices start at $4 for sides, $7 for small mains and mains from $12.90.

Pepper Leaf

Pepper Leaf takes the stress out of meal planning and cooking. It offers a similar service to other companies, but prides itself on being "the fastest and freshest supplier in Australia." Pepper Leaf works with sustainable producers and suppliers to create healthy pre-portioned meals for people who need convenience when it comes to mealtimes. Pre-portioned ingredients and straightforward recipes will see you whipping up meals in just 20 minutes. There is free delivery in metro Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Choose from Classic, Vegetarian or Family boxes, which start at $63.90 per week.

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

Diet & Weight Loss Food Boxes

Lite n' Easy

Lite n' Easy has become a household name when it comes to losing weight through healthy eating, and it's one of the easiest subscription services around. You choose from a huge range of nutritionally-balanced meals according to your calorie requirements for weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance. You can order either full meal plans, or dinners only. A full meal plan for seven days (1200 daily calories) is $148. Delivery is free and there is no lock-in contract.

Muscle Meals

Muscle Meals delivers nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled, high protein meals with your choice of carbohydrates or fresh vegetables straight to your door. You can choose from three plans: Lean (weight loss), Maintain (stay-fit plans), and Gain (muscle-building meals), and each meal is portion-controlled for results. Everything is delivered frozen to your door, but if they don't deliver in your area, you can collect your order from a partner outlet. A six-day Lean meal plan with 24 dishes is $197.44.

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

Eat Fit Food

At Eat Fit Food professional chefs prepare quality meals using locally farmed and ethically sourced meats and fish. There are plenty of delectable dishes at this one, and you have the benefit of knowing that all meals are calorie and portion controlled. To order, simply select meals from the daily menu of food options. There is a minimum spend of $120 required, and delivery is extra.


Dietlicious has three plans on offer for health-conscious customers: Food Cleanse, Weight Loss or Healthy Individual Meals. Passionate chefs create delicious, preservative-free food, which is snap frozen and delivered free for orders over $50. Dietlicious currently delivers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, and there are no contracts or joining fees. A Weight Loss meal plan for seven days (1200 calories) is $230.

Jenny Craig

There's a good reason why Jenny Craig is a name at the forefront of people's minds when it comes to weight loss: it works. The program differs from other similar food delivery services in that it involves both meal planning and a personal consultant to help keep you on top of those weight loss goals. Meals are developed by dietitians and are all calorie controlled. Delivery rates vary depending on location, but is generally around $16.50 for metro areas. Average weekly food packs are around $169, so it's great value.

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

Gourmet & Specialty Food Boxes

Secrets Organic Box

This is an ideal way to try out new organic products without shelling out for full-sized products. Secrets Organic Box curates the best organic products and delivers them to you on a monthly basis. Products vary monthly but range from things like, raw honey, coffee, tea, coconut water, snacks and beauty products. If you would like to test what you'd be getting, try the Mini Me Sampler box for $20, or sign up for the monthly plans that start at $24 per month.

Tea Runners

If you love to savour a quiet moment with a cuppa and your favourite book, then Tea Runners is worth checking out. Each month you will receive some of the world's best loose-leaf teas from small producers, (enough for 30-50 cups) along with tasting notes and brewing instructions for the perfect cup. Subscriptions start at US$25 per month for boxes of four loose-leaf teas. These boxes sell out most months, so get those orders in early. Tea boxes ship to Australia (from the US) for US$8.

Carnivore Club

This premium cured meat club is the ultimate subscription choice for meat lovers. The Carnivore Club gathers the finest cured meats in the world (such as Italian Salami and South African Biltong), and sends you out a box with up to six different types of premium meats for just $50 per month. You can choose to receive your box monthly, every two months or every three months, and you can cancel at any time. Shipping is $5 per box.

Cheese Therapy

Cheese lovers, imagine having delectable cheese from around the world delivered to your door every month! The Cheese Therapy makes it possible, and you can even decide the types of cheeses you want to try. Prices start at around $80 per month, but vary depending on how many cheeses you want to try and your frequency of ordering.

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

Snack & Treat Food Boxes

Goodness Me

At Goodness Me, health practitioners prepare boxes of up to ten boutique health foods and samples (all non-GMO) and deliver to your door, every month. Signing up is easy and fast, just fill out your dietary needs, then prepare to be surprised with wholesome foods that nourish the body. The subscription is only $25 per month and you can cancel at any time. Plus, join their VIP Club and earn points and bonus products.

Korean Snack Box

If you are interested in trying Korean snacks, then is a great choice. You can subscribe for a monthly surprise box or simply try a one-off box for yourself or as a gift. The best part about this subscription is that your treats arrive in a beautiful traditional Korean silk bag, called a Bokjumeoni. Subscriptions start at $14.95, include free international shipping and you can cancel at any time.

The Vegan Box

If you follow a Vegan diet, it can be challenging to find snacks and foods on the go that don't contain animal products. The Vegan Box takes all the hard work out of scouring ingredient lists, and provides you with fresh and delicious foods that you know are animal-free. When you sign up to the monthly Vegan Box, you get a box of assorted vegan snacks and lifestyle products, in both full and trial sizes. It costs $26.95 per month, with $3 shipping in Australia.

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

Japan Crate

Explore Japan through candy each and every month with crates filled with candy, kawaii, noodles or beauty products. Subscribe to the Premium Crate for US$30 per month, the Doki Doki Crate for US$30 per month, the Kira Kira Crate for US$29 per month or the Umai Crate for US$25 per month. Products ship from Tokyo, and world-wide delivery is FREE. Plus, you can cancel at anytime.


This US-based company ships out of Japan and offers free world-wide delivery on orders over US$99. The snacks are those that the Japanese would be very familiar with, and are selected and packaged in adorable themed boxes. Each month is something different and it's the only company to offer teas specifically paired with the goodies inside. Prices start at US$39 per month.

Fuel My Fitness

This Aussie company is a fantastic option if you need more fitness-focused snacks in your life. Not only does the box contain exciting and healthy snacks that ward off hunger, you'll also get fitness and nutritional tips. Snacks include protein bars and balls, fruit and nuts, healthy chips and protein drinks. Sign up and choose out of monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly or yearly plans, and start receiving snack boxes direct to your home. Shipping is free, and plans start at $38 per month.

Complete Guide To Food Subscription Boxes in Australia

Kid-Friendly Food Boxes

If the little ones have picky palettes, then try these subscription boxes that offer family plans with kid-friendly recipes.

Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon offers a variety of kid-friendly meal options with each new weekly menu. Kiddie options range from stir-fries, soup, meatballs, risotto and chicken dishes. Check for the "kid-friendly" tag when browsing the menu and when you click on the dish, it lists all the allergens.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh has introduced a Family Plan that parents are raving about. It features fast (30 minutes), fun and nutritious meals that are actually kid-approved! Check out the Family Plan for more information.

Cheap Meal Subscription Boxes

Meal Subscription Boxes can be pricy but a few stand out as economical options with free delivery included.

Pepper Leaf

  • Classic, Veg or Family boxes starting at $63.90 per week
  • FREE delivery

You Foodz

  • Meal plans start at $99.50 for 10 meals over 5 days
  • FREE delivery

Hello Fresh

  • Classic Plan $69.95 (3 meals/2 people)
  • FREE delivery (in most areas)

Lite n' Easy

  • 1200 calorie/day full-meal plan for 7 days $148
  • FREE delivery (in most areas)

Tried any other subscription boxes that you think we need to know about? Leave us a comment!


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