These Coles Click and Collect Tips Will Save You Time and Cash

Lesser-known ways to speed up your online shop and save on your grocery costs
These Coles Click and Collect Tips Will Save You Time and Cash

Whether you don't have time for supermarket shopping, or perhaps you're a parent who would rather avoid tackling the aisles and checkout with the kids in tow, the Coles Click and Collect grocery service is going to come in very handy. Order online, select your pick-up time and collect your groceries - it's as simple as that.

But while the in-store pick-up system has been designed to be easy for shoppers to use, there are some lesser-known ways to make the system even more convenient for you.

Our Coles Click and Collect shopping tips are not only going to save you valuable time, but they could save you cash as well - and that's always a good thing!

Always Check for a Promo Code Before You Shop

A Coles Promo code can save you a percentage off certain online grocery orders, or even score you free delivery - which means you don't need to go to a store at all!

Promo codes can change quite frequently, and keeping up with them on your own can be tough. Head straight to our Coles information page for the latest list of current codes, and take advantage of those extra savings!

How to Add a Promo Code:

Promo codes aren't added until you get to the "Almost Done" page of the online checkout.

  1. Scroll down to "Credits & Promos"
  2. Click "Add a Promo Code"
  3. Type or paste your code in the required field and click "Apply"

Make Sure Your Online Order is at Least $50

A common mistake shoppers make is assuming that Coles Click and Collect has no minimum order quantity, when in fact it does.

You need to order at least $50 worth of groceries to be able to use the collection service, so before you spend time looking up items online and adding them to your cart, do a rough calculation to ensure your order will meet the minimum requirement.

Make Use of Substitutions If You’re in a Hurry

A major reason shoppers choose to use Coles Click and Collect is to save time, but to speed things up even more, you should take advantage of the "substitution" feature.

There are occasions when an item might turn out to be out of stock at Coles, meaning your order can't be completely filled. This can be a big hassle for customers, especially if it's that one item you really need.

By setting up substitution options against your items, the pick-and-pack staff can pick out an alternative product (usually just a different brand) to replace one that turns out to be out of stock. This saves you having to buy it separately.

Are substitutions free? Will I be charged more if a more expensive brand is used as a substitution?

The good news is that it doesn't cost you anything to use the substitution service, and you will not pay more for your order if a more expensive product replaces an out-of-stock one. You will, however, be refunded the difference if a cheaper product is used as a substitution.

So you have nothing to lose by using this feature.

How to Add Substitutions:

This is set up towards the end of the online checkout process on the "Almost Done" page (the same place you enter a Coles promo code.)

  • Scroll down and click on "Substitutions"
  • Choose whether you want to substitute all products, some products or none of the products in your cart
  • If you select "some" products for substitution, the next page will bring up a list of all the items in your cart, and allow you to click the ones you allow substitution for.

Use the "Bought Before" List to Order Faster

The substitution service is not the only online feature that can save you time, the "Bought Before" lists are a brilliant way to complete your online order in no time at all.

All previously purchased items are saved in the "Bought Before" tab at the top of the online shopping screen, to the left of "Specials." By clicking on this, you'll see a full list of items you've bought in the past that you can re-select and add to cart in a jiffy!

Collect Points By Adding Your Flybuys Number

You can earn Flybuys points on every shop at Coles - even online, so make sure that your unique number is added to your online account. After adding it once, you won't have to add it again.

All you have to do is head to your profile (this is the box with your name on it in the sidebar of the online shopping screen), and then click on "Flybuys". Enter in your number, which starts with 6008, and save!

You can earn one point for every dollar spent at Coles, and sometimes earn bonus point on specific items.

Coles Mastercard holders can earn up to two points per dollar spent!

Use Coles Lockers For Fast Grocery Collection

Click and Collect lockers can be found at Coles supermarkets, Coles Express stores and at other locations, like service stations; and the beauty of these is that Click and Collect customers don't even need to enter the store!

Find your nearest Coles Click and Collect lockers.

To use this service, just select your nearest Click and Collect locker at the checkout instead of an actual store. Once your order has been dropped off in the locker, you will be send a pin number via SMS that you can use to physically access your locker.

Check Your Order Cut-Off Time to Avoid Fees

The "cut-off time" refers to the last time by which you can amend or cancel your online order before being charged a $30 cancellation fee. These times vary depending on your location, but you will be notified of yours when you place you order - so keep track of it! (Nobody likes fees!)

Ready to give it a whirl? Try out Coles Click and Collect now!


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