Complete Guide to The Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

From the Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser to the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, there are some seriously hot Paw toys in Australia this year, and in this post we'll tell you the best of them, and where to find them.

But first...

What is Paw Patrol About?

If you're a little out of the Paw loop and wondering what on earth all the fuss is about (and there's a lot of fuss), allow us to clue you in.

Paw Patrol is an animated TV series from Nickelodeon that is packed with cuteness! It features six pups: Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rocky and Everest, as well as a boy named Ryder, and together they protect Adventure Bay and its inhabitants.

Paw Patrol is aimed at preschool kids, from around two years and above.

Paw Patrol Skye Toys

Skye is a hands-down favourite when it comes to the Paw pups, especially with the girls. She's very pink, very kind and she can fly a helicopter. What's not to love about that?!

The good news is that there are loads of Skye toys available in Australia. These are some of our top picks:

Complete Guide to The Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

Paw Patrol Toys Big W

Big W stocks possibly the biggest range of Paw Patrol toys, and it's also an excellent store to find Paw-themed apparel as well.

We've found that Big W is often the place to find the hottest new-release Paw Patrol toys in the country, and at the best prices too.

Big W has toy sales running regularly, with Paw Patrol toys often on sale. The biggest Big W toys sale falls in June every year, so keep a look out for those bargains!

Visit our Big W Sales Calendar to keep up to date with current sales events.

Complete Guide to The Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

Paw Patrol Toys Kmart

Kmart stocks several Paw Patrol toys, ranging from small novelty items like the Paw Patrol Surprise Eggs, to exclusive gifts like the Paw Patrol Arctic Terrain Vehicle.

It's also a great store for Paw Patrol books and costumes.

Kmart is a budget store with minimum changes to prices, and constant low prices. As far as toys go, you'll struggle to find them much cheaper than at Kmart.

Complete Guide to The Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

Paw Patrol Plush Toys

A true Paw fan needs a plush pup to cuddle up with, and the good news is that you don't need to break the bank to buy one.

Teeny Tys start as low as $5.99 and come in various characters; at the other end of the price range are the Snuggle Up Pups at $39, and these sing, talk and glow!

Top picks include:

Complete Guide to The Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

Paw Patrol Toys eBay

While eBay does stock a colossal range of Paw Patrol toys, you'll want to be very wary of the fake toys listed - there are more than a few!

Our tip for shopping on eBay for licensed toys like this is to buy from reputable sellers, like the Target eBay Store and Mighty Ape eBay Store.

By taking advantage of eBay coupons, the best deals on the hottest Paw Patrol toys are often found on eBay. And remember, if you are a member of eBay Plus, you may score free shipping and returns as well.

Complete Guide to The Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

Target Paw Patrol Toys

Target is one of the most popular destinations for Paw Patrol toys in Australia, especially when it comes to new-releases. But given this, stock is known to sell out online fast, so get ready to move fast for those must-have Paw goodies, especially around Christmas.

The best time to shop toys at Target is definitely during the mid-year toy sale when prices are slashed, so keep this in mind when you're looking for those big-ticket Paw toys. Check out our Target Sale Calendar for more details on the Annual Toy Sale.

Complete Guide to The Best Paw Patrol Toys in Australia 2018

Paw Patrol Bath Toys

If your Paw fan loves to spend forever in the bath, some character bath toys are definitely in order. These tend to be quite low in price and make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers for preschoolers.

Top picks include:

You should also check out Target for its range of kiddie bathroom accessories like the Paw Patrol Step Stool ($10), and Paw Patrol Bath Mat ($15); and over at Catch you'll find some adorable character Paw Patrol Character Towels at great prices.

Cheap Paw Patrol Toys Australia

There are a number of low-cost Paw Patrol toys in Australia which are ideal for gifts, party favours, and of course, those Christmas stockings.

Items like puzzles, stationery and small novelty toys can be found at retailers like Kmart, Big W, Toys R Us, Catch and Target.

Best Stores For Paw Patrol Toys

Almost all toys stores, department stores, value stores, marketplaces and lifestyles stores stock Paw Patrol toys. Below are some handy links to get you directly to some of Australia's favourite stockists:

Paw Patrol Toys YouTube

Before you buy, a good place to check out Paw Patrol toys in action is on YouTube. There are countless people around the world who review Paw Patrol toys, and their insightful videos can give you a lot more information about how a specific toy works than a store's website does. Plus, you can also access loads of Paw Patrol episodes as well.

What's your little fan's favourite Paw Patrol toy? Share it with us in the comments below!

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