Is the Adairs Linen Lovers Membership Worth it? We Investigated

Is the Adairs Linen Lovers Membership Worth it? We Investigated

Adairs Linen Lovers may be one of the most popular Australian loyalty programs when it comes to quality homewares, but it's also one of the few that comes with a recurring membership fee.

So is it actually worth it?

We took a look at all things Linen Lovers to ascertain whether this club lives up to its price tag.

What's included in Adairs Linen Lovers?

Linen Lovers is the name of the Adairs exclusive homewares club, and it gives members the opportunity to save on their purchases and score free freight.

Here's what you get:

  • 10% off full-priced stock always
  • 5% off sale stock always
  • Free shipping for Australian residents (excludes furniture and oversized items)
  • $20 welcome voucher for second purchase over $50
  • Access to exclusive Linen Lovers sale events
  • Extended returns of up to 60 days

How much does Linen Lovers cost to join?

Well, unlike Sheridan and Bed Bath N' Table, both of which are completely free to join, a Linen Lovers membership will set you back $19.95.

And it's a recurring payment every two years.

So, on that note...

Is Linen Lovers worth joining?

If you're a loyal Adairs shopper, value quality linen and furnishings, and are likely to purchase at least once a year from Adairs, it's a resounding YES from us. Here's why:

The Membership pays for itself fast!

When you take into account that standard shipping is $9.95 at Adairs (for orders under $150), it's very easy to have your membership pay for itself in your very first order.

For example, with a Linen Lovers membership, an order of $100 would entitle you to savings of $19.95 ($10 discount + $9.95 shipping) - so you will have saved the full amount of your membership in one fell swoop, AND you have the benefit of two full years to enjoy those perks.

It's very worthwhile for parents

Parents will know all too well how often kids enter new phases, and want new furnishings to match their ever-changing interests. In just one year, a child can go from being obsessed with dinosaurs to being way too big for any such thing!

Having the Linen Lovers membership makes it more affordable to keep up with what the kids want, while having peace of mind that you're buying quality products.

The club also helps in a big way when it comes to exquisite gift ideas like cushions, garlands, plush toys - even teepees, all of which make a refreshing change to mainstream toys.

The exclusive Linen Lovers sales are next level!

One of the biggest perks of Linen Lovers, aside from free shipping, is the exclusive Linen Lovers sale events that occur a few times each year. Expect savings of around 40% off storewide, with up to 20% extra off sale items. savings can reach up to 80%, and that's not something you want to miss!

There are many places to use your membership

Adairs Linen Lovers membership perks can be used at Adairs, Adairs Kids, Adairs Outlet, Urban Home Republic, and all Adairs concession stores. You can also use your membership at Adairs online.

Extended returns are very welcome at Christmas

Returns can be tricky when it comes to Christmas gifts, because by the time a recipient get around to actually returning an item, the 30-day returns window has often passed.

With Linen Lovers, you get 60-day returns, twice the usual window, and it's fabulous for those of us who like to get our Christmas shopping done early.

How do I join Linen Lovers?

Joining is quick and fuss-free. You can join in person at any Adairs store, or online as follows:

  • Head to the Linen Lovers page at Adairs Online
  • Add Linen Lovers to your cart
  • Full in your personal details
  • Checkout with your preferred payment method

If you join in-store, you'll receive your membership card on the spot; if you join online, it will be posted out to your address. Keep it somewhere safe! You'll get plenty of use out of this one.

How to buy with Linen Lovers

If you are shopping online at Adairs, you will notice that each product page has both a Linen Lovers and a regular price on display. This makes it easy for you to know exactly what you save on each item.

Just add the item to your cart, and then enter your Linen Lovers membership in the member ID field. Your order will automatically be updated with the discounted price, and shipping costs will be removed from your order. (Love that!)

If you are making a purchase in an Adairsor Urban Home Republic store, just show your card to staff to score your discount.

Now that you know all about Linen Lovers, head over to Adairs and get your shop on!


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