10 ASOS Australia Shopping Tips You Need to Know!

10 ASOS Australia Shopping Tips You Need to Know!

If you're a fashion addict, you'll already know that ASOS Australia stocks tens of thousands of brilliant products and ships to our shores with ease. But did you know there are a number of secret shopping hacks that can actually help you save you money while you're there?

Keep reading, savvy shoppers - we've rounded up the top ten ASOS Australia shopping hacks that will change the way you shop at this online fashion mecca forever.

1. Use an ASOS Discount Code

When the perfect piece comes along and excitement takes over, many shoppers make the mistaking of heading straight for the checkout without looking into current promo code offers.

Codes are constantly used at ASOS Australia, and can save you up to 20% off full-priced items at times, so always check for an ASOS discount code before checking out!

2. Know When ASOS Sales Happen

ASOS Australia consistently gets involved in some of the biggest Aussie sales events each year, including Vogue Online Fashion Night, Frenzy Sales, Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. Discounts can range from 20% to 70% off, so you stand to save a pretty penny!

Knowing when these events kick off and what discounts you can expect isn't easy, but we've got your back. Check out our complete guide to ASOS Australia sale dates.

3. Join ASOS For FREE!

Signing up with ASOS Australia takes two minutes and doesn't cost you a cent. What it does do is keep you in the loop of the best sale offers the second they drop.

News is sent directly to your inbox, so you're not going to miss a beat, and you can get to those discounted goodies before they sell out. Sign up here.

4. Use The "Save" Function

Did you know ASOS has a "save" function? It's very easy to miss because it appears on screen as a single heart shape, with little explanation as to what it's for until you actually click on it.

Here's how it works:

When you find a product you love, click on the heart icon next to "Add To Bag". The product is sent to your "saved list" where it will remain for 60 days. In that time, a sale code may pop up that reduced the price of your favourites, or you can add to your saved items until you reach the FREE SHIPPING threshold of $40.

10 Secret ASOS Australia Shopping Hacks That Can Save You Money

To view your saved products list, click on the heart icon on the top right navigation bar. While you can use the "save" feature without an ASOS account, clearing your browsing history or cookies may delete them, so it's a good idea to set up a FREE account and keep those faves safe.

5. Combine Orders For FREE Shipping

ASOS Australia ships orders over $40 for FREE, and for that reason it's worth combining your orders, throwing in a gift for your partner's next birthday, or saving items for later (as above) until you meet the threshold.

Standard shipping for orders under $40 is $5, and it can quickly add up if you are an impulsive serial shopper. Take advantage of FREE shipping and put the savings towards another fabulous purchase.

6. Join ASOS Premier Delivery

Standard delivery at ASOS takes up to 7 days (or more in busy periods), whereas express shipping takes just 3 days (making it the only option when you need that dress by the weekend!). The problem is that express shipping costs $14.99 per order - ouch!

That's where ASOS Premier Delivery comes in, and it's a must if you find yourself shopping at this store regularly. ASOS Premier Delivery costs $39 per year, and for that you get FREE UNLIMITED EXPRESS SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS all year.

This package pays for itself after just three orders (assuming express delivery method is used), so it's a no-brainer for frequent customers who want their goodies fast.

7. Check The ASOS Outlet First!

The ASOS Outlet is a treasure chest of bargains - we're talking thousands of them! Before you head straight to full-priced and new-release stock, make sure you have a peek at the Outlet first. There's a very high chance you will fall in love with something there, and save up to 70%!

Don't forget the ASOS Outlet doesn't only sell fashion, you can also pick up heavily discounted gifts and beauty products.

8. Use The ASOS StyleFeed & ASOS Insiders

Outfit inspiration can be the key to completely winning a look, and all it takes is a peek around the ASOS Style Feed, or to follow some fabulous Insiders to know what styles are on-trend, what colours are in play, and what pieces you need in your life. When you have this knowledge down, you're less likely to waste money on the wrong purchases.

The ASOS Style Feed includes Editor's Picks, Styling Advice and How Tos, and it's going to help you know what to shop for, and how to wear it.

ASOS Insiders are fashion devotees who nail their niche. Whether it's activewear, androgyny, skater, street, eclectic, classic or vintage, you'll find someone to follow who can guide you towards to the perfect ASOS wardrobe.

9. Use the 10% Student Discount

ASOS offers students a 10% discount on every order all year 'round. If you're studying in some capacity, make use of this! Alternatively, that friend or family member who happens to be studying may be able to help you out. (To prove you're a student, you'll need a valid student email address.)

10. Access Boutique Stores Via ASOS Marketplace

The ASOS Marketplace gives you instant access to over 700 worldwide boutiques - that's a whole lot o' shopping! You can navigate by women's or men's clothes, or by boutique, which is helpful if you have a favourite in mind.

The best bit, though? ASOS Marketplace always has cracking sales! Shop them here.

So what are you waiting for? Check for an ASOS discount code and go get your shop on!


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