Super Savings of up to 25% Off for Last Minute Gift Card Shoppers

Present hunters and general last minute shoppers, if you still haven’t bought your Christmas presents, there may be hope for you yet. My previous post stated the final delivery cut-off dates for online purchase deliveries, which puts you well beyond the end zone now. But do not fear if you’re intending on getting a few gifts, this post may just save the day.

In recent years, when shopping for Christmas presents, my middle name has been With nowhere else to turn and with time running out, I have resorted to gift cards, a present which despite their simplicity I find are still generally very well received by friends and family. On top of this, many can be emailed to recipients straight after purchasing them, so there's no waiting around for delivery like with physical products. Therefore, my last minute gift to my fellow late shoppers is a list of discounted gift cards for you to consider.


Companies across the country try to use this time of year to flog their gift card offerings, firstly because they are a quick and easy way for someone to buy a present for another person without much thought needed. Secondly, it’s a great way for retailers to receive money without having to sell anything. “Australians spend up to $2.5 billion per year buying gift cards for their families and friends” states

The biggest complaint from customers, however, is to do with “gift cards that expired before they were redeemed”. Good thing then that I've found where you can get them at a discount right now, so that if this does end up happening to one you've purchased, then at least you hadn't paid the full amount for it.


1)   Neverland Store - $25 Free with a $100 Gift Card

Buy a $100 gift card and they will reward you with a free $25 gift card absolutely free. These are available in both physical cards and e-vouchers. When you purchase your $100 gift card the free $25 gift card will either be sent to the address you provide by post or be emailed. There will only be one gift card made available per order.

Validity: 12 Months after purchase

 Neverland $25 Free Gift Card when buying $100 Gift Card


2)   My Pet Warehouse – 10% Off Gift Cards

Slightly different to your average iTunes gift card, why not treat a family member or friend to something for their furry friend. Until Christmas Eve you can get 10% off with one of My Pet Warehouse’s e-gift cards. A nice tip is that these cards can be used in conjunction with a discount offer, so there is potential for the recipient to save big on pet food, accessories and toys. Gift cards over $50 (after discount) will also receive free shipping. T&C’s state that if you make your order before 5pm on the 24th December, your benefactor will receive their gift on Christmas day.

Validity: 12 months from purchase

My Pet Warehouse Gift Card


3)     Costco - $50 iTunes Gift Card for $34.49

Calling all Costco members, if you happen to be swinging by the store at any point before Christmas be sure to visit the gift cards section. In store you can now get your hands on a $50 iTunes gift card for only $39.49. There also appears to be no limit on the amount you can buy, so get in there before that changes if you ask me. This is a saving of 21%.

There has been no mention of when this deal ends, so please let us know if can get any confirmation on this.

Costco iTunes Gift Card


4) Big W – 10% off a range of $50 gift cards

Selection of Discounted Gift Cards at Big WIf you’re known as the 'iTunes gift card guy' at Christmas, then you can surprise everyone this year by putting yourself out there and getting something different. Big W has an offer on at the moment that has a range of $50 gift cards with 10% off. Your choice consists of:

  • RedBalloon gift card
  • City Beach gift card
  • Dusk gift card
  • Ticketmaster gift card
  • Good Food Restaurant gift card
  • Freedom gift card

All cards will be available until December 24th. The website displaying the cards T&C’s did not load for me at the time of writing this blog (apologies for the lack of information).


5) Kmart – 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30

2 for 1 iTunes Gift Cards at KmartKmart have an offer on their iTunes gift cards this season that runs up till Christmas Eve. When you buy two iTunes gift cards at the value of $20 each, you will receive them at a price of only $30. This is a saving of 25%. One thing to remember is that both cards need to be bought in the same transaction. There is no mention of how many months this gift card is valid for in the terms and conditions.


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