XCOM : Enemy unknown for PC $22.30 (approx) delivered from The Hut

21 February 2013

I was just price checking XCOM at GreenMan Gaming as they have it at 60% off for the next 24 hours and stumbled on the price at The Hut. Its exceptional. GreenMan Gaming at 60% off comes in at $29.98 while The Hut come in at £14.99 delivered which works out to approx $22.30. Not a bad price.

The only difference between the two is that on GreenMan you'll get instant gratification as its a download version, while The Hut need to send you the physical disk so will take 10 days or so.

The game gets some pretty good reviews BTW.

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    The link to XCOM Enemy Unknown on GreenMan Gaming is here.

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