The Hottest Gaming Deals on Next-Gen Consoles at JB Hi-Fi and Target

Its been a long while since we have seen a good variety of console games at low prices on Buckscoop. So, I thought with today’s selection that I would give you another dose with an anabolic steroid sized kick to grab your attention. If you’re a keen gamer and own one of the next-gen gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One you might like what we have in store for you. PS3 gamers don't need to worry either as we've also got something here for you too.

Today’s selection is ideal for all gamers. Either you’re a hard-core gamer and have been waiting for these games to drop down in price 0r you love your favourite titles but are such a pro that you have completed them all and need something to fill the void before the next release. Either way if you want to get your hands on some great titles at incredibly affordable prices this is your chance to get Halo, Titanfall, Battlefield, FIFA and Need for Speed, because hey, when games are this cheap who really notices Winter?


HALO – The Master Chief Collection – Xbox One

Halo Master Chief 4 Game Collection on Xbox OneTarget currently has Halo The Master Chief collection for sale at a low of $37. Well, this is the price if you want to pick your game up in store otherwise you can have it delivered for an additional $9 (standard Target delivery price). If you’re not convinced by this price tag then know that Dungeon Crawl has the same game selling for $52 while Mighty Ape and Ozgameshop both have it for $59.

This Halo collection has all four titles including the re-mastered Halo 2: Anniversary edition. It’s Master Menu also allows you to play all games from start to finish continuously, so you can truly immerse yourself within the world of Master Chief, cortana and the marines as they fight the covenants who are ruled by the High Prophets without even taking a breath.

This game on (international gaming network) is rated Great or 8.6 by 346 reviews. If you are a Halo fan this collection re-delivers all four games in a more streamlined and smoother running fashion, perfect for reliving old memories without all that gaming lag.


Titanfall – Xbox One

Titanfall on Xbox One available at Target for only $15Titanfall was one of the most highly anticipated games during 2014 and now you can get your hands on it for an absolute steal. The Xbox One version is currently being sold at Target for only $15, which is the lowest we have ever seen it on Buckscoop. Buying it from stores like JB Hi-Fi will cost you $19.99 or $32.34 at Dungeon Crawl according to Compare Games, making Target’s price is the cheapest.

If you need any more convincing besides this unbeatable price then know that Titanfall provides a fusion of established modern gaming methods with tense impacting and rewarding balances of power and unpredictability. Reviews generally say that this game is as exciting to watch when a friend's playing as it is to actually play yourself.


Battlefield 4 – Xbox One and PS4

Battlefield 4 one Xbox One and PS4 at JB Hi-Fi for only $19If you love first person shooters then you may already own a collection of Battlefield games, however, if you don’t then this is a fantastic first person shooter within the league of the Call of Duty series. JB Hi-Fi currently have this title on sale for $19 which is again the lowest price across the market according to The next best price you will pick this game up for anywhere else is at Ozgamesshop for almost double at $39.78. While over at 365Games you'd need to fork out a whopping $45.03.

IGN reviewed this game and scored it 8.0 which means it’s a great game to play. However, veteran gamers may want to take note that the campaign doesn’t quite reach the levels of its predecessors, yet it still provides plenty of action and an astonishing spectacle.


FIFA 14 – PS3, PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 14 for Sale at JB Hi-Fi for $19 on PS3, PS4 and Xbox OneJB Hi-Fi has dropped the price on FIFA 14 across all platforms so you can pick up the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 3/4 for only $19. The next-gen console games have a slightly more refined game play due to newer technology, but on the PS3 edition you still have the tournament mode. This is something EA decided to remove on the PS4 and Xbox One editions.

Compare Games also agrees with our deal hunters that JB Hi-Fi has the cheapest offer on this game, so you can feel confident that our deal hunters are doing their jobs to bring you the best deals around. Head over to Gameseek you'd be expected to pay $33.27 for FIFA 14, or $34.23 at Amazon. IGN reviewed this game described it on next-gen consoles as being an impressive, visually engaging sports game within the FIFA legacy.


Need for Speed: Rivals – PS4 and Xbox One

Need for Speed: Rivals for sale for $19 on PS4 and Xbox OneNeed for Speed: Rivals is a continuation of the NFS story where street racing is rife across the cities that the games feature within. Once again JB Hi-Fi takes poll position in terms of offering this title at the most competitive price. For just $19 you can get either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions. Don’t try looking anywhere else because you wont find it cheaper according to Compare Games who tell us that the next closest price of $39.15 is from 365 Games, followed by ShopTo who have it for $40.16.

It received an 8.0 score from IGN and is considered by them as a great game, providing some of the best car chases around. The next-gen consoles have really allowed for game developers to create beautiful environments for drivers to race through and that is certainly the case for Need for Speed: Rivals. Expect dazzling graphics, intense chases and easy handling, a great blend of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted.

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