Galaxy Geforce GTX 780 3GB graphics card delivered for $766 by PC Case Gear

21 June 2013

Looks like Nvidia's Galaxy Geforce GTX 780 3GB gaming graphics card is getting quite a lot of interest online. So I wanted to see what the lowest price available was right now and found it to be from PC Case Gear for a shipping-included price of just $766.

The next most competitive prices came from ($837.90), ($839.30) and ($858.34) inclusive of shipping. It's worth noting that many of the websites I visited showed this card as being out of stock, so looks like it's popularity amongst the gaming community is hitting supplies.

Background on the Galaxy Geforce GTX 780:
Nvidia has upped the ante with GTX 780, creating new price points with its new GTX 700 series cards at the top end of the graphics market. This seems like a direct challenge to AMD to take action and offer some competition. This card can happily hold it's own against the GTX Titan (usually in the $1200-$1300 price range), only dropping around 10% in terms of gaming performance, making this a bargain price-wise in comparison. And according to, if you throw in a little light overclocking you can achieve benchmark performance that actually beats a stock-clocked Titan.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Funny how the hardware landscape is changing. In non gaming devices it used to be CPU CPU CPU and clock speed. Now the CPU is a secondary component and the GPU is more critical. The gamers were obviously way ahead of the curve.
  • nerdo
    This card apparently has a massive 2304 cores at its disposal - 50% more than its GTX 680 predecessor. And it's cheaper than the 680 debuted for, at around the 800-900 dollar mark I seem to remember.

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