Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Game 3DS shipped for $45.99 at Ozgameshop

29 July 2013

The lowest price I can find on the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Game for Nintendo 3DS is at Ozgameshop for $45.99 with free shipping. This is a great game for old-school players (like me) because it allows you to relive the Wii adventure in Original Mode but let’s you get help through the New Mode. Also, if you don’t want to play on your own, you can team-up with a friend in Local Play.

MightyApe has the second best offer on the game at $54.89, EB Games has the third best offer at $60.50 and Westfield has the fourth best offer at $89.99.

Note that all prices consider standard shipping costs.

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