Amazon goodbye Feb PC download games sale + 25% off promo code. Some screaming bargains

27 February 2013

Am a little bit late in posting this. I saw it come up not so long ago but discounted it as it was and I figured they'd be blocking you from buying games, etc etc. But I was wrong and have just realised it. So better late than never.

Amazon are having a farewell to February PC Games sale. There's up to 850 games in the sale. I have no idea how many of them are good value or not. In addition they have issued a promotional code for 25% off one item. This attaches to your Amazon account so its on time per account on one item. The link to the code is under this post.

When you buy one of the games you need to use a US billing address to get past the 'Game downloads are only available to US customers' restriction. This will let you checkout, using your Oz credit card and download the game. Being digital PC games region locking isnt an issue.

I'll list a number of the games that are good value in the thread. If your a gamer then its worth a look. The promo ends on the 28th so you have a couple of days to play with.

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