Send Your Name to the Sun For FREE on Solar Parker Probe!

Send Your Name to the Sun For FREE

If your kids are fascinated with space and science, they are going to go bananas over this one! In just a few months, the Solar Parker Probe leaves NASA for the Sun (yes, the actual Sun!), and people all over the world are being invited to have their names included on a microchip that will travel aboard the probe - for FREE!

This offer is a brilliant way to get kids dabbling in a bit of heliophysics (the study of how the Sun affects space), and talking about science.

The probe itself will be about the size of a car, and during the Northern Hemisphere's summer (our winter), it will travel into the Sun's rather toasty atmosphere to undertake revolutionary studies on our most important star - with the names of countless space enthusiasts from all over Earth aboard.

You can submit names to the Solar Parker Probe until 27th April, 2018. Once you submit a name, you will receive your very own Hot Ticket VIP Pass to stick on the fridge!

Send Your Name to the Sun For FREE on Solar Parker Probe!

For more details on this fascinating project, click here.

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