Woolworths - Wow Select Frozen pasta with Sauce 450g Only $2

14 December 2009

I was at Safeway today and I noticed they have reduced the price of the Wow select Pasta range to $2. I love the gnocchi and used to pay $7 for it. So i am very happy and have stocked up. It also come is spaghetti, penne and risotto. YUM


  • queenshrew
    I've tried their penne.. It's really yummy too! Thanks for this, will go see if there's any at my local Woolies :D
  • tassiedude
    $7.00 was far too dear, however their normal price for this has been $2.98 for ages. I have to say though most of them taste horrible.
  • kazyazy
    I am eating the mushroom one right now its pretty good. But I love the gnocchi it is awesome but can be hard to get I search everywhere for it lol :)
  • claudiebare
    Spaghetti Alla Norma - eggplant and tomato sauce for dinner tonight. This was the best meal from a packet I've ever had. All natural ingredients and made in Italy! Great value for $2:D
  • kazyazy
    I had that one for dinner last night :)
  • andgab01
    I had the Penne too - it is really yummy.
  • Trixie1990
    I really liked the Penne one but all these frozen pasta's have been discontinued =( I was wondering if anyone still has stock of the Penee one in their freezer or can remember the exact name of what the flavour was called? I really liked it and would like to know what was in it so I can try to make it at home. If anyone has any good recipes for it that would be good too =)
  • atwork
    "Pennette Allárrabbiata"Spicy tomato sauce over penne pasta I actually thought the range was good, the kids enjoyed the gnocchi .. hmm maybe i should finish off what we have left in the freezer ... past their use by date now :/

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