Woolworths Online- Free delivery for 1st order SA

10 June 2010

Woolworths have opened their online shopping in SA

It says free delivery on 1st order, not sure if this applies to other states also?

I have just put my first order in, will have to see how it compares to Coles online.


  • mouldgirl
    So glad they have started home delivery. I luv it! Reduces my impulse buying
  • Rebekah76
    woohoo! have been waiting for them to come to SA - on their mailing list, but they haven't sent me an email yet - good marketing!
  • deking777
    i was on their mailing list too but never got notified, it was only by chance that I checked on their website. definitely agree, helps keep my shopping bill down, although I like a lot of woolies in house bread and fresh rolls and things like that, I found their site a little harder to navigate to find what I wanted compared to the coles one.
  • Rebekah76
    I agree, their website wasn't as easy to navigate as the Coles one. and the "specials' page didn't have anything on it FYI - Coles is having free delivery in Adelaide from 7 June to 10 July to celebrate a year of deliveries.

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