Woolworths - Heineken 5 Litre Keg Beer with your Everyday Rewards card $22.99 (Save $13.99)

5 July 2010

Received this from Woolworths Everyday Rewards Email.


When you buy a Heineken 5 Litre Keg with your Everyday Rewards card (Free to Apply in Store).

The Heineken 5L Draught Keg has a unique pressurised design. Unlike gravity-fed kegs, beer can be poured from the top, meaning a perfectly poured draught beer every time.
It stays fresh for 30 days from opening so is ideal for parties or a BBQ with friends. This easy to use tap system supplies 18 serves of Heineken beer and is 100% recyclable.

Hurry offer ends Sunday 11 July.


  • ninkasi
    Great for parties.... and a lot neater than the old style kegs that would dribble and go flat overnight. These definitely keep for a couple of weeks easily. In general, the flavour is better compared to a bottle (a lot better if the bottles have been exposed to a lot of light), and definitely better than a can. Recommended at the RRP and a really good deal at $22.99. It works out to about 14 standard bottles per keg so that's $1.64 per bottle.... definite hot from me!
  • ninkasi
    By the way, I should know - Ninkasi is the ]ancient Sumerian godess of beer... ;-)
  • blondieo
    By the way, I should know - Ninkasi is the ]ancient Sumerian godess of beer... ;-)
    LOL, rep for making me laugh!!! :D Left rep for you too OP, great deal - would go down well in my house! :whistling:

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