Woolworths- Half price Gelativo 2pk $1.97 & Half price Lindt Chocolate only $1.74

9 November 2009

I was at Safeway today and got some half price Gelativo Sorbet 2pk which was only $1.97 and Lindt Choccy was half prce again only $1.74


  • lisss
    This was on sale last week too- wasnt sure if it was just my local woolworths but we got 4 different flavours of the Gelativo 2pck. Unfortunately no1 in the family liked it very much, so we wont be getting that brand again :(
  • kazyazy
    So far my family have tried the chocolate and mango gelativo and loved them :D
  • craftykiwi
    We liked them but every one in our family prefers different flavours. Our store had 4 of these for $10 last week so this is even cheaper.
  • nod
    Hot for the half price Lindt.. I love the mint! :w00t:

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