Woolworths 10 Devondale 1L milk for $10 (LONGLIFE)

14 March 2010

For those who refuse to pay lots for milk.. buy ten 1 Litre Longlife Devondale milks for $10. (Full Cream, Skim and SemiSkim)

Sale Starts Monday 15th


  • melscott28
    Im not a fan of the taste but a huge fan of the conveniance. Great price for Devondale.
  • Rebekah76
    I guess it's like anything - I've gotten used to the taste - and mostly use it in cereal and for kids. plus - we go through too much milk to do anything else.. would be at the shops every couple of days otherwise! and 'fresh' milk just doesn't taste like fresh miolk anymore anyway!
  • craftykiwi
    Great deal Rebekah76. Hubby pointed it out to me last night so I'll be picking some up. Like you I don't have any objection to the taste and no one in our family has objected either. Then again I don't drink milk by the glass only use it in cooking or a cup of tea. The the way we go through milk any saving is a big help. Love having some in the cupboard just in case cos it always seems to run out when you need it most.

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