WOMBAT HILL Wines special - buy one case get case Magnums free PLUS 5.4% cashback

6 September 2007

I have no idea what Wombat Hill wines is like.
In fact I suspect that it is not the best drop but if you going to have a party or wanted to stock up the cellar then getting 2 cases of wine for $89 dollars is not bad at all. $4.95 a bottle
You can chose from the Chardonnay or the Shiraz
It is hard to deep link to the deals so use the search function on the front page on Jack Wines - search for Wombat Hill


  • Brad
    hah. -4. I have just hotted your deal
  • nod
    hehehehe Cold because it is a bad wine or cold because it is not cheap??? Thanks for that Brad. The cold deal does not bother me. Gives me a giggle. I just wish Snowman was a bit more talkative :D
  • wheadle
    No offense Nod but the drop is not that great. :(
  • admin EDITOR
    the price is pretty good - the only thing I'm confused about is whether you get an extra case of magnums or just one.
  • admin EDITOR
    Just checked this and they've sold out. Guess thats probably a good indication that the wine wasnt bad and the price was good.....

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