Winesociety - $130 bottle of Wolf Blass Black Label 2006 for free

23 February 2011

Well, maybe not quite free - so not putting this in the freebies section - but close. Read on for details.... ;-)

The Winesociety is Australia's oldest independent wine club, not for profit, founded in 1946. If you join the wine society at the moment, you will get a bottle of wine sent to you that has an RRP of $130 (Wolf Blass Black Label 2006). Membership is a once off cost of $50 (twenty five $2 shares - fully refundable), although you are expected to spend a minimum of $250 a year if you want to maintain your membership.

So, you can always join, get the bottle, and have your shares refunded later (in which case there's your free bottle) although I've been a happy member for over 20 years now so have never considered leaving. Although the competition is harder now than it used to be, with Dan and co offering wine at pretty low margins, the winesoc always seems to have a bottle or two that you otherwise can't get or is at an even better price. I'll have a hunt and see if I can find an example.

They also hold courses in wine appreciation and the like, as well as dinners, plus sell other forms of kit.

FYI - If you can't make it into one of their stores, delivery is $7 a case, or free when you order 3 or more cases. Plus they have a 100% money back guarantee - don't like it, then you get your money back.....


  • ninkasi
    Here's one - Wyndham Founder's Reserve 2005 Cab Merlot for $16.99 a bottle
  • ninkasi
  • ninkasi
    Oh, with respect to the Wolf Blass bottle - although RRP would be $130, you should probably be able to find it for around the $90 mark in a decent discount bottle shop like Dans or online at a place like winemarket. Dan has even older versions for a little more. So as always, treat RRP with a grain of salt - but whatever the case may be, even if it's only worth $90 (and even then may arguably be thought of as overpriced) - getting a bottle for nix still seems a decent deal to me! :D

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