15 November 2011

Great price for 16 bottles!

Delivery is pretty reasonable too:

One case/carton for $8; 3 or more for $20

BUT Whatever you NOT, and I repeat.. do NOT be stupid like me and give them your main phone number. They will not stop calling with spam on their promotions. The last time I ordered from them was 3+ years ago, and until today, they won't stop calling me on my phone, despite my repeatedly telling them to stop calling and I'm not interested. =(


  • admin EDITOR
    They've also got a deal running on two cases of Buckleys Cove for $99. Probably not quality wine but probably drinkable. Worth using the $10 off your first purchase offer if you can.
  • Rebekah76
    hmmm... they sent me a $25 giftcard a few months ago (with no strings attached)... might be time to dust it off and use it... (insert evil laugh here) MWAH HA HA Last time they called me to sell me stuff I told them I still had some left over from the last time I purchased (I bought 3 cases of some NICE wines for about $113) - the guy checked it out on their records and agreed it was a good deal and not as good as the one he was trying to sell me at that point in time.. he has left me alone for a few months.

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