Winemarket - Sign Up Now + Claim Two Free Cinema Tickets

19 July 2010

If you haven't ordered from winemarket before, sign up now and claim two free movie tickets!

"Sign up for emails & you will get a return email with the voucher code to claim your tickets."

I think you may have to buy at least one bottle of wine before you can claim the tickets though?



  • taskel
    A bit more info: I signed up and it said: To reward you for your wisdom and foresight here's a voucher code to claim your 2 Event Cinema movie tickets when you make your first purchase. Now just sit back and wait for some of the hottest wine deals anywhere to hit your inbox. You won't be disappointed…well, we hope not anyway. Feel free to let us know if you are because we all love a bit of criticism now and then don't we. These tickets are limited so only the first 400 orders will be redeemed. Simply fill up your cart and add the code MOVIES into the voucher code area of the box Simply fill up your cart, then enter the code: MOVIES in the voucher code box.
  • markr
    i Take It That The Expiry Date For The Two Movies Tickets Is 30 Sep 2010, As Shown On The Movie Tickets Pictured?

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