Wine discount voucher: $20 off wine when you join SheSaid (no min spend)

8 April 2009

I got this via email, even though I have already signed up.
Shesaid is a girlie gossip site and is not a bad read. I used another email addy to sign up to check to see if it works and it does.
You dont get a lot of spam from these guys - in fact I have only ever received their newsletters - which is good.

No min spend which is even better

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  • mouldgirl
    :mad: just signed up and I thinking of getting the JACOBS CREEK SPARKLING ROSE NV. At the checkout it came to $67 with the discount @ Fizzmarket. I googled to check the price and Winemarket have the same wine for $59.94 and $5 shipping. These are the same merchant no? :mad: I checked some more. Yellow is $12.99 on Fizzmarket and $9.99 on Winemarket. The WOLF BLASS GOLD LABEL PINOT NOIR CHARDONNAY 2005 $18.99 on Fizz and $15.99 on Winemarket. Cold vote here. Sorry Nod

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