Wine "Catch of the Day" launches Noon today - $2 per bottle....

28 April 2010

Of course the price per bottle doesn't include shipping, and you're probably not going to get Grange Hermitage, but you might get some semi-decent "barbecue" wine....


  • ninkasi
    So turns out the first of these was for 12*Wolf Blass Green Label (PET Bottle) for $23.95. Shipping $14.95 (Melb/Syd). So $3.24 per bottle. Not bad, but not sure about the plastic bottles though..... probably fine if you think of them as better than most cask wines....
  • sparrow
    Yah, I like Wolf Blass but I was kinda turned off by the idea of plastic bottles. Maybe that's why the short use by date because the plastic might not keep it as well. It's a bit like when they did soft drink in glass bottles, I always thought it tasted different and better than the plastic.

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