Vintage Cellars Wine Club - 2004 Mt Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon for under $7 per bottle

7 February 2010

Normally $15.70 per bottle, if you buy six of them you get them for $12.56. If you get twelve, they're $10.99. Not too bad, but in addition - if you get six you get a $25 "Cellar Share". So I figure that if you get 12 bottles they might cost you $131.88 but you should get $50 in vouchers so the end result is the dozen costing $81.88 so that's $6.83 per bottle.

Now this is assuming that you would get a voucher for every six bottles (ie that there is no limit to the number of vouchers - but there doesn't appear to be any fine print on limits) plus also assumes you like Semillon AND you're going to buy more stuff there.... but anyhow, I thought it wasn't a bad deal for a pretty good drop with some age to it.

Oh, I can't find the wine on their web site, so for now this might be a bricks and mortar thing...

What do you think?

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