Valentines Tim Tams $2 at Coles

3 February 2007

Not the time of year when you want to eat too many Tim Tams... you may not look too good in your Valentines lingerie... but I can not resist the new Choc Raspberry Valentines Special Tim Tams

And only $2 at Coles next week


  • pow a.
    Had to click the link as I've never heard of Tim Tams but I don't wear lingerie either :) Phew! They're just buscuits... Hehe Very tasty they look too!
  • nod
    JUST BISCUITS!!!! Shame on you
  • pow a.
    Hehe :) They do look delicious though. Think they would send me a free sample just so I can confirm they're not just buscuits? :innocent:
  • stinkmeister
    Tim Tams are pretty nice. If you get the caramel ones freeze them first.
  • pow a.
    Thanks for the tip stinkmeister :)

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