USA Foods - 7 x Jiffy Baking Mix Only $12

18 April 2012

This special consist of 1 each of the following mixes (7 boxes all up!)

1. Bran Muffin BB Oct/2012 7 oz
2. Raspberry Muffin BB Sept 22, 2012 7 oz
3. Fudge Icing BB Feb/2012 7.3 oz
4. Oatmeal cookie BB Nov/2012 8oz
5. Jiffy All Purpose Baking Mix BB
Dec/2012 40oz (Use like Bisquick)
6. Oatmeal Muffin BB Oct/2012 7oz
7. Sugar Cookie BB Nov/2012 8 oz

We reserve the right to sub if we sell out. dates may change - offer good till April 30th or while supplies last.


  • queenshrew
    Nice price..but are these any good? I'm not a fan of the Betty Crocker cake mix range To me, their premix cakes etc taste gross - their fudge icing is worse! :(
  • kazyazy
    I haven't tried the Jiffy mix before, I agree some American food isn't very nice. I don't like the taste of American chocolate.

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