Tyrell's Old Winery Chardonnay $89 a case @ Wine Lovers Club - SAVE $30

17 February 2008

I'm assuming this is the 06 as I can see the label and its not on the title. Its supposed to be a good wine and I guess being Tyrells its going to be drinkable at worst.

I quite like these guys. They usually have good prices and their delivery is entirely reasonable.

This is listing elsewhere for $117 upwards and interestingly you'll pay up to $34 a bottle in a restaurant according to google :)


  • nod
    $34 a bottle in a restaurant !! :eek: They must make a fortune on the that
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - I reckon. Its $7.41 a bottle at this carton price. The average I was seeing it on menu's for was about $18 - $24. Thats a fair old mark up!

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