Top Ranked Online Liquor Retailers – The Customer's Perspective

Like it or hate it, alcohol is a huge part of our westernised society. Be it a BBQ afternoon or a winter glass of red on the sofa, its no secret that we Aussies enjoy a drink of the good stuff. Add a social environment into the mix and you’ve got yourself a perfect excuse for a party. A recent report conducted by Canstar Blue found that 64% of Australians would not attend a social event without having an alcoholic drink.

As a result, the drinking culture within Australia has lead to a large number of liquor outlets springing up across the vast expanse of our country. With the popularity of online retail shopping, however, Aussies are opting to buy more alcohol and have it delivered to their front door rather than shopping in-store themselves.

These days, I can't say I know too many people who'd prefer to lug cases of wine and beer into their car and take it home, especially when companies like Dan Murphy's regularly issue free delivery vouchers. In light of this, Canstar Blue has released statistics on the best online Liquor stores across Oz based on factors such as value for money, price and alcohol quality which is certainly worth knowing.


Dan Murphys opened its online retail store several years ago after huge success with its chain of bottle stores across the country. So it’s nice to see that in 2015 the company achieved a 5 star rating for overall customer satisfaction. Numerous awards exist, but none are more prestigious than the Canstar Blue customer satisfaction awards. Dan’s have set the benchmark for a great online shopping experience with factors such as value for money, shipping speeds and product range being where they scored highest on.

Canstar Blue Online Liquor Survey Results

Liquorland and GraysOnline followed up 2nd and 3rd in the satisfaction ranking with 4 stars. Cellarmasters and First Choice only managed to achieve a 3 star rating across all of the same factors. GraysOnline did however, manage to achieve a five star rating for their pricing and value for money business aspects.


Online Price Comparions

Online price comparison of online wine and liquor prices

Dan's weighed in heavy and stole the 5 star rating for it’s pricing when compared to other online retailers. No other company could consistently match Dan Murphy's liquor prices, but GraysOnline did come a close 2nd with 4 stars in this category.


In Store Price Comparison

Overall, Dan Murphy's scored the highest in all categories, but GraysOnline actually beat them as the vendor with cheaper prices compared to bricks and mortar alcohol shops. Dans scored 4 stars whilst other competitors such as Liquorland, Cellarmasters and First Choice all scored 3 stars.


Value for Money

Online Liquor Stores have a great range of Products

Compared to shopping in store, online retailers can generally undercut bricks and mortar businesses, which is one of the biggest reasons why customers shop online. The Canstar Blue report showed that 44% of surveyed individuals mentioned that cheaper deals were the main motivator for buying their liquor online.

The top two brands for the best value for money was Dans and GraysOnline who both scored 5 stars. If you are looking for low prices on alcohol, head over to either store.

Dan Murphys currently have a free metro delivery voucher on all orders over $15 just to help keep in with their value for money trend. This voucher expires on the 30th of this month so you have plenty of time left to make use of it.

Alcohol Quality

Another 5 star rating awarded to Dan Muprhys was due to customer opinion polls suggesting that its selection usually consisted of better quality brands compared to competitors. This partly relates to their number of stores and partly to the amount of buying power the company has from suppliers.


Product Range

Dan Murphy's range of alcohol is certainly something the company can be proud of. When a customer goes online to buy something the last thing they want to see is ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Currently Unavailable’. Dans, just on their red wine tab alone (on the home page), shows that they have 4,365 different types of wine available and that’s without clicking view all wines.

This is why Dan Murphys were awarded 5 stars, because they were the most likely to have rare alcohols in stock when a customer opted to buy obscure liquor.

Choice of red wines at Dan Murphys


Delivery Times

The main reason for a 5 star rating in this category is because Dan Murphy's offer 5 different shipping options for all customers. If you have planned a party or know you will be hosting guests you can generally rely on these guys to get your products there in time. Their free delivery vouchers can be great to save an extra $15 and put that towards a couple of extra bottles, but if you need something same day for example, the company have the means to be able to make that happen.

Cellarmasters, GraysOnline and Liquorland all received 4 stars with First Choice running in with 3 stars and not quite up to the expectations of customers.

Dan Murphys delivery options


Its clear to see from the points of interest above why Dan Murphy's have taken pole position for the best online liquor retailer in Australia. Their 175 stores give them wide coverage across the country whilst their smooth website interface and promo codes help keep the customers returning for excellent value alcohol. Shipping is also a strong category for them, but if this somehow doesn’t suit you, there is the option of collecting your alcohol in-store at any of their 175 locations.

The information above was based on a Canstar Blue survey of 3,000 Australian customers. All customers approached had to have ordered alcohol online within the past 6 months. Plus each brand had to receive a minimum of 30 responses to be included within the ranking.

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