Super Butcher - every part of the pig at $4.99 a kilo sale for Qld'ers this Sun.

5 August 2010

If you live near the Eagle Farm or Yatala super butcher stores, this saturday they are having a promo where you can get any cut of pork for $4.99 a kilo. Thats a bargain for the nicer cuts. Its a bargain for pretty much any cut.

I cant find the details on their site but this is out of the newsletter.

"So here is the ''DEAL" --

GO to Eagle Farm or Yatala this Sunday (after 6am). We will supply you with a pair or gloves and a hair net (unlike the picture above) and you can pick up ANY Piece of Fresh Pork direct from the Butchers table at $4.99/kg. That includes EVERYTHING - the Belly, the Racks, the Loins, the Loin Chops, Roasts, the Eye Fillets - EVERYTHING!!!!&nbs p; Our Butchers will be cutting the fresh Whole Pork up right in front of your eyes.
All you have to do is pick it up, pack it in a bag and have it weighed. If you can find CHEAPER PORK ANYWHERE IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE I would like to know about it."


  • labgirl
    Thanks - love the Super Butcher. Best quality meat I have found in Brissie, and this is a bargain. Roast Pork Sunday evening for me!
  • admin EDITOR
    They cycle some good bargains through. I reckon this is one of the better ones.

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