Super Butcher - 11,000 Mcains Pizzas.

13 July 2011

I just got this in my email, not sure if it will go again today but its' worth a shot. Great cheap dinner.

Just a quick one to let you know we have had 11,000 McCain's Pizza's arrive.

They will be at ALL Stores today at just $1.99 each for email customers only. (RRP $6.99)

Maximum 8 pizza's per person.

I think you have to mention it in store, or at least be on their mailing list.


  • admin EDITOR
    I saw that offer yesterday but didnt write it up. Even though McCains pizzas are crap the price is cheap.
  • decklen
    one of those, buy more to make up for lack of taste, and dump alot of sauce on it :)

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