Sunbeam Em3600 Cappuccino Maker Coffee Machine $117 SAVE $42

12 May 2007

BuyQuick has the same one for $159

Product Features:

"The Cafe Espresso has the essential pressure and temperature needed to produce a cafe-quality serve of espresso every time - so you can enjoy the aroma and taste of authentic coffee at home.

Constructed of metal, the well built design ensures long lasting performance. It houses an Italian designed and made 15 BAR pump, a 'thermo block' heating system and an Italian designed 'crema' system. Combined, these elements equip the coffee maker with the essential pressure and temperature needed to produce a cafe-quality serve of espresso every time.

The Cafe Espresso is designed with quality metal components and includes many features that make producing delicious coffee at home even easier.

The combination of delivering the pressure required and the precise temperature during the espresso function are fundamental elements needed to create a perfect serve of espresso.Fitted with an Italian designed and manufactured15 BAR pump to deliver the required pressure, a thermo block heating system for the correct temperature, a crema system creating an additional back pressure and a steady espresso pour. All these elements ensure a great tasting espresso,

Large 1.6 Litre water reservoir, ideal for making continuous serves of express and removable for easy filling.

The express machines comes complete with two espresso cups and sauces, 500ml stainless steel milk texturing jug and measuring spoon with coffee tamp.. Warming tray preheats coffee cups and glasses


Brushed Stainless Steel and Die-Case Metal Housing
15 BAR Pump - Italian Made
Thermo Block Heating System
Froth Enhancing Steam Attachment


Product Specifications
15 BAR pump - Italian made
Thermo block heating system
Crème system - Italian designed
Durable metal housing
1.6 litre removable water reservoir
Hot water function
Large cup warming tray
Large cup height clearance - fits mugs
1 + 2 cup spring loaded filters
Accessories - 2 espresso cups & saucers, 500ml stainless milk jug & coffee spoon with tamp"

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