Stainless steel meat mincer $118.95 delivered at Deals Direct

16 April 2007

Good price for this stainless steel meat mincer. You would pay around the same price for an aluminium one!
I use mine to make my own sausages - I have an aluminium one - might up grade for this price
And only $9.95 delivery is good - considering it is rather heavy

* Solid stainless steel construction.

* Heavy duty nylon bearings for long life.

* Dishwasher safe.

* Grinds 1.5 - 2kg per minute.

* Can be bolted to table.

* Ideal for fish, beef, chicken, lamb etc.

* Buy meat in bulk and save!

* Professional manufacture.

* Will last a lifetime!

* Limited stock... be quick!

* RRP of $349.

* Includes:

o Fine stainless steel grinding plate.

o Coarse stainless steel grinding plate.

o Stainless steel grinder knife.

o Stuffing star and flange.

o 14mm stuffing funnel.

o 19mm stuffing funnel.

o 24mm stuffing funnel."

Plus you qualify for Buckscoop cashback from DD if you login and buy thru this deal


  • nod
  • Emma EDITOR
    Arrggggggggg! Looks like an implement of torture - with shurikens!!!
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - you spend too much time at the computer Jayne..... I want one.... If I cant mince with it then at least I can pretend I'm Ninja Monkey by throwing the mincing stars at walls.
  • Emma EDITOR
    :D - you spend too much time at the computer Jayne.....
    LOL I do not. I love cooking actually... my last culinary adventure was roasted red capsium, roasted red onion and roasted tomato soup - it was delicious! I've never used a mincer before though, suppose it would be fun :) (Especially with the mincing stars :p)
  • admin EDITOR
    I like this mincer. The price has gone down from 168 to 118.95 delivered. So have edited the deal to reflect it.

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