Stacking Woolworths Online discounts with vouchers for a bargain. $101.74 of groceries for $40.87

Woolworths Online have a voucher code out at the moment which can be used on a minimum order of $50 or more for a $10 discount. Unfortunately this voucher code is only applicable to pick up orders from Woolworths Tullamarine Airport. I've heard mumerings that it works at other stores but I've not yet been able to successfully apply it to a pick up from anywhere else. I was playing around with it stacking it up with other promos from Woolies and there's some pretty awesome value can be had.

So the $10 off $50 offer in itself is pretty crappy for a normal grocery shop, where that buys you 250gr of coffee and a carton of milk but if you combine it with the buy one get one free (52 items) or 50% off (78 items) it starts to make sense. I worked up how to get yourself 48 250gm packets of Arnotts Sweet Nice and Ginger Nut biscuits for the bargain basement price of $41.36 in this deal post. To illuminate this a bit more I created another basket. This one has the following:

A 1.5kg  Omo small and mighty top loader concentrate powder

400 pack of Blackmores Anti Inflammatory fish oil capsules (I'm getting old and creaky)

1 bottle of Pataks Simmer Sauce Butter Chicken

1 Taylors Simmer Sauce Thai Green Curry

1 Taylors Simmer Sauce Kasmiri Butter Chicken

1 Pataks Simmer Sauce Korma

5 Kit Kat Chunky 3 chocolate bar caramels

5 Aero milk chocolate chocolate bars

5 Heinz Squeeze & Stir instant soup creamy mushroom.

The price $50.87 . Applying the voucher code brings it back to $40.87. Of course its pick up so I dont need to pay delivery. So where you end up is getting $101.74 of groceries for $40.87.

You can also apply my Arnotts biscuits theory to the Omo washing powder, buy one get one free offer and purchase 7.5kg of washing powder for $40 (plus 5 Aero chocolate bars to make the order up to $50). All in all its not a bad deal.

BUT then you can stack things a bit more - obviously you will get your everyday rewards points on top of this. Then Woolies has left a bit of a loophole open here. Because they're new to this fandangled world of online, what they havent realised is that by making the voucher code applicable to pick up orders they've created the ability for people to create multiple users and thereby multiple orders, getting around the one user per customer limitation. They cant fix the limitation to an address, because you dont need to give one. That means I can buy 15 kilos of washing powder for just on $80 or 96 packets of Arnotts biscuits for $82.72.

All I now need to find is a way to get a Woolworths fuel discount voucher on the deal. Also if anyone knows which alternative Woolworths stores this code will work on please comment. We need your help.

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