Spreets - $10 For $40 Worth Of Premium Wine (TODAY ONLY) @ Winemakerschoice

21 July 2010

Just got this in an email via Getprice. I think you buy a $10 voucher via spreets and then you can redeem $40 worth at Winemakerschoice.

Just found this:

Buy the $10 Spreets voucher today and get $40 to spend on wine at www.winemakerschoice.com.au. Your credit card wont be charged unless 50 people in total buy the deal, so make sure you tell your friends to make it happen.

There's 13 hours left at time of post.


  • golfwidow
    347 currently sold so this deal is on :)
  • admin EDITOR
    On the face of it it's not a bad deal but when you include freight and insurance it's not quite $40 of wine for $10 unless I am wrong. Winemakers choice don't have physical stores so you need to order online. Delivery will cost you between $8 and $12.95 unless you live in the boonies where it's going to be more. I'm basing this on their freight charges. Then there is a 2% postage insurance charge, about 80 cents. So although marketed as 40 for 10 it's more like 40 for 20. To add to this, in my experience winemakerschoice is expensive compared to jacks wine or winemarket so you are possibly going to be paying a premium for your plonk. It's a good deal but certainly not As good as the marketing hype.
  • sparrow
    Ok, since I'm first to post my purchase, hope that doesn't make my look like a drunk. I've already bought my wine this morning and decided to spend an extra $2.20 so I could get 5 bottles of wine. So pleased with my 5 bottles, worked out at at less than $2.50 each. Hic ;-)

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