SEXIE COFFIE Purchase 2 kg of coffee and receive a free Sexie Coffie T-Shirt

10 March 2008

Simply purchase 2 x 1kg packs of Sexi Coffie and receive a FREE Sexie Coffie T-shirt.

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  • lilpretzel
    $57.50 for 2 bags delivered + Free t-shirt... Not tempting for me sorry I voted warm :o $24.50 kg Postage is $8.50 Thanks Gallifrey I just added some images for you. Have you tried this coffee before?
  • Gallifrey
    Thanks lilpretzel Yes I have tried their coffee, its yum! They have some HUGE roasters onsite and do it all there. They sell thru their website and also at their one and only location, in QLD. We always stop there when travelling north, and back again. Yummy food there too! They also have lots of coffee and tea accessories, more than I have seen in a kitchen shop.
  • admin EDITOR
    25 bucks for a kilo is not much different to a lot of the generic roasts you get in the shop lilpretzel. If its a good coffee I'd pay $25 :)
  • Gallifrey
    $25 for good coffee is HOT lol I would rather drink that than a no-name brand that taste like dirt :whistling:

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