Rabbit - Black Corkscrew @ Peters of Kensington $59

26 September 2007

These are pretty neat corkscrews.

The other price range I've seen it listed for is in the range of $80 to $145. There was a Jacks Wine offer a while back in which you got one as a freebie with an order of two cases.

Ultimately you can get a lot cheaper to do the exact same function but if you really want one this is a good price.

# Made from soft, rubbery material, the Black Rabbit is comfortable to hold.
# Theres also a squishy rubber grip under the handle, so its comfy to use, too.
# The actual corkscrew part is made from tough metal.
# Theres no need to exert a lot of pressure. The Rabbit does most of the hard work for you.
# Opens bottles of all shapes and sizes.
# Pulls any kind of cork in three seconds flat.
# Automatically releases the cork once its finished.
# Includes a foil cutter and an extra corkscrew spiral.


  • Emma EDITOR
    Hey these are excellent. I have one. Takes the stress out of opening the wine.
  • admin EDITOR
    So you reckon they're worth the money?
  • Emma EDITOR
    So you reckon they're worth the money?
    Definitely. Might seem like a lot, but I love mine :D
  • nod
    I guess it depends on how many bottles of wine you need to open ;)

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